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  • Hey guys, I discovered a new unknown artist called Phorsicht: I think the music sounds great! What do you think?
  • Anyone into Dragon Fighter (NES/Famicon)? Here's my version:
  • tags can be anything a user wants it to be
  • tags are called tags for a reason. they're not meant to be genres.
  • Just sharing this awesome remix of Ninjascape (Ninja Gaiden 2) by Ashane:
  • hey guys, i've made an cover from Metroid Prime 2 soundtrack :) check this out!
  • ha ha, only japanese composers at top. It was partly because of Nobuo Uematsu that I became interested by game music, although I liked music from tomb raider too.
  • Hello everyone, I'm Rémi Gazel, I composed most of the Rayman 1 music. I wish to inform you of a new project, Rayman 1 Musics by Rémi Gazel. I hope I'm Not Trespassing laws of this forum by posting this info, otherwise I apologize. This project was a result of many great positive messages I receive for years on the music of the game The idea : replay Rayman 1 musics with real musicians :) The dedicated website is here: Feel free to share the info :) Good day to all, Rémi
  • Keep fighting the power, Cpt. Obvious.
  • "Video game music is not a genre. There is no pattern between the games' soundtracks." Of course not! There's hundreds, perhaps even thousands of composers from all over the world making different kind of games. That's a given. Not like one dude is going to do soundtracks for most of it.
  • Road Rash 3D wins
  • Do you enjoy original soundtracks? At you can listen music, rate and download new original soundtracks. Watch film composer scoring sessions, interviews, documentaries and read film scoring news. And Join our film score Forum!
  • Why "movie music" isn't nearly as much used too (if it even is used)? It's a much more patterned type of music. I listen to both to know there's way more "orchestrated/classical" movie soundtracks than there are "8-bit/chiptune" video game soundtracks.
  • It is, VGM is just music that's composed to play in video games.
  • you guys realise that there are video game music composers who aren't Japanese, right?
  • i hate this tag, it's fucking uninformative
  • [ [url=]8-bit Nostalgia: The Transcendental NES Music Collection[/url] ]
  • Best tag. Evar!
  • But... Where's Masami Ueda ?
  • Cant wait till Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch comes out bet that has ace music in it
  • For that 8Bit Retro Sound
  • @Neroese: You ask many questions, stranger... But seriously... this is one interesting question and I'm wondering about the same. I didn't know that Far East rules in computer games in years 2010–2019.
  • Why everyone on top are from Asia? WHUR THE FUCK IS JESPER KYD!?
  • I'm such a nerd.
  • Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  • New Album with electronic instrumental music and soundtracks. listen to the album "Laid back" here:
  • Atari Blitzkrieg releases his latest project, the SNES soundtrack inspired 'Super.' Each track utilizes a sample from various SNES games. - More info on my page or check us at
  • Check out this new artist
  • i love electro, dubstep techno ect but after listening to this its my fav music now haha
  • Masami Ueda, Nobou Uematsu, Akira Yamaoka, Kow Otani. So many awesome ones.
  • henriquee_t88 chiptune is not a genre
  • Best music genre
  • ...isn't much of a genre unless it's chiptune, in which case it should be called that.
  • if you like VGM - maybe you like my new project :
  • Love the music, love the games.
  • Video Game Music is an epic form of art.
  • hi, thought maybe you'd like to check out Serundal, contemporary Celtic male/female singer songwriters from the uk. Nine albums released to date and two ep's (most here on all original material- lyrics and arrangements songs based on Celtic and medieval English legend; for the future especially focusing on film, and video games in this genre. Find out more on Four tracks voted 2010 semi-finalists in the UK Songwriting Contest. All music available from and appleItunes worldwide and amazon uk/.com.
  • wer's portal 2 credits song (want you gone)
  • I am a nerd, so this is my favorite music genre!! :)
  • why is it that game soundtracks, mainly the old ones, are so damn amazing? [2] TRUE!
  • WOOT!!!!!L33T SONGS!
  • thanks being my friend. god bless u... please see our link: ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ EZU song link:!/artist/song_details/4734302!/artist/song_details/4740144 our music clips:
  • yea yeay eaye a


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