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  • f*ck rac!
  • I have no problem with veganism but this fucking tag
  • arguably the gayest music ever
  • Hahaha
  • @xsandwichesx, exactly what I was wondering, none of the top artists are bands I've even heard of in relation to the XVX scene (besides Kingdom). Needs more Gather, 7 Generations, Chokehold, Black Kites, etc. etc.
  • just stumbled upon this vegan stright edge lol. Way to not live life... Eat what taste good, expand your mind in moderation, its simple really.
  • Wait, how is Earth Crisis not the top artist here?
  • RAC в родственных тэгах? Пиздапровал(( Рукалицо
  • If you are on this page, this is probably relevant to your interests:

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