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  • Puta que pariu
  • Please check me out if you have time. I'm 16 and open to all criticism. Just listen with an open mind,thank you.
  • I'm a young hip hop producer from Austria. Check out my beats and share your opinions with me: FFO: Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, Tyler The Creator, Death Grips
  • underground L.A.
  • Yo check out these dope instrumentals! underground label from Amsterdam looking for rappers and singers
  • Guys listen to WERMONSTER, he is amazing ... (Wermonster - Elephants) #underground #hiphop #electronica
  • Hip Hop Trip Hop, Retro Instrumental (Air Relaxing Mixtape Vol,7) by DJ Gami.K
  • Amazing underground progressive rock/hip hop with psychedelic elements and intense, tight drumming!
  • If you haven't heard MSU yet then you're missing out.
  • [url=]Slovak Hip-Hop group[/url]
  • hello! new artist! check it!
  • underground lo-fi from L.A.
  • best album i've heard in a while...
  • check it
  • low-iq music
  • Hw do I dwnload the music ughh !
  • New Age Hip-Hop: Golden Souls - Wrath
  • Made an underground hiphop mixtape! Check it out here:
  • Check out [artist]Andrew Heritage[/artist]'s free new album [url=]I've Got Emotions Too on Bandcamp![/url]
  • Check out my blog where I review underground hip hop! Latest review: Eyedea and Abilities album E&A!
  • Check out my new blog where I review underground hip-hop from a feminist perspective!
  • Fuck all my enemies peace to all the real niggas
  • If you like me feel me at last fm only for real listerners peace
  • Im underground untill I die and even if I die my hope is to go to havern
  • dark instrumental hip hop & chill out beatz:
  • Remember kids, just because it's underground doesn't automatically mean it's good.
  • nice
  • i love this shit
  • Underground hiphop song. About LSD.
  • classic
  • lol suggested events macklemore
  • Sick MINDS
  • i mean they're like 6 feet under the ground
  • only 2pac and biggie are the real underground rappers
  • The only decent place to listen to hip-hop in this day and age.
  • Sadistik <333
  • killa
  • underground hip hop for shizzle
  • Hey!! I'd like to start listening to more hip-hop... but the good one... not the shit that media sell... Well some artist i really enjoy are Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Nujabes... more jazzy things like Rafael Lechowski & Glac... Generally i get really good hip-hop from any country except the states... but i know why is that. So if someone could post some name on my profile i'd be more than thankful! c:


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