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  • underground L.A.
  • Hip Hop Trip Hop, Retro Instrumental (Air Relaxing Mixtape Vol,7) by DJ Gami.K
  • [url=]Slovak Hip-Hop group[/url]
  • lo-fi underground from L.A. -
  • Wa Creans is Japanese music label. DJ Gami.K produced "Zen Hop" in new musical genre. Zen Hop is meditation zen music include hip hop, trip hop, ambient, ethnic, abstract, downtempo, chillout. We are conducting a campaign to promote our free download. Relax and enjoy.
  • A mix with some highlights from the last 10 years:
  • New Age Hip-Hop:
  • Beast Coast group:
  • Check out [artist]Andrew Heritage[/artist]'s free new album [url=]I've Got Emotions Too on Bandcamp![/url]
  • Check out my blog where I review underground hip hop! Latest review: Eyedea and Abilities album E&A! Http://
  • dark instrumental hip hop & chill out beatz:
  • Hey guys, i really need your HELP! What´s name of the guy at 1:15 on this video (or the name of that song) Really thx...
  • This ground is staying relevant when it comes to underground hip hop:
  • hip hop
  • I think [artist]Stone Cold Star Fox[/artist] qualifies as underground hip hop because we are completely DIY & rap oriented... but I dont listen to any underground HH so somebody else will have to tell me
  • Хитрый при участии Легкий Леха , запах киски , Женя Фонарь , СКРЛП , не могло быть и лучше
  • Guys try out this artist, you won't regret
  • Top artists = untrve underground hip hop
  • What the fuck does this even mean?
  • #1 Underground Rap Site Online. Period
  • Free dwnlds! 4 madliby beats i made back in 08 // Peace!!
  • Looking to give a new group some love?
  • Mic Geronimo's new independently released EP titled "LONE WOLF" on ♫ ►[Explicit]◄ Find him also on: • twitter ►◄ • facebook ►◄ • myspace ►◄ »»»»»»»»»» Stay connected.. new music.. freestyles.. updates.. & more.. • iTunes ►◄ • ►◄ W W W . M I C G E R O N I M O . C O M ►◄
  • live session of Butchers Harem + MC Bushpig from Prague, Czech Republic
  • Check out the new music video with playmate Qiana Chase for Slykat's Hotel Cloud Nine feat. Josh O'Connor shot on the Red camera
  • I NEED HELP FINDING A SONG I LOVE, AND HAVNT HEARD INN foorever........think its by freestyle fellowship or something simmmilar......i know some of the lyrics..any one want to help me oout??
  • - hip hop remix collaboration project needs submissions - dig!?
  • eclectic hip hop selection -
  • - здесь Казахстанский андеграунд от
  • Nitty Gritty Radio is where you can hear the best in Old School Hip Hop, B-Sides, Remixes and Underground/Indie Hip Hop classics. Bringing you back to the feeling of those days when you would listen to the radio with a tape in the tapedeck and record/pause ready to go. If you’re looking for a little Boom Bap back in your life, then this is the PodCast for you! Peace!
  • Hi, I'm a new abstract and trip hop musician on lastfm, come check my compositions !
  • i'd still say it isn't very representative for krs as an artist. redman shouldn't be here either.
  • not exclusively, he is still recording. he started early with BDP and therefore can be considered old school. but he didnt stop recording and he is now more underground than commercial. for me this tag is correct.
  • krs one is not underground hip hop, he is old school hip hop

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