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  • Trip Hip is Real Man! It's Life Within Life, No Doubt! Can Ya Dig It!
  • lovers of psy chillout music will definitely enjoy our media project we have interviews, news, events calendar and even !
  • trip trop
  • Chill Trip Hop, Soulful Downtempo (Air Relaxing Mixtape Vol,5) by DJ Gami.K
  • discover new music: e.g. start [url=]playing my library[/url] and read up links on my profile (e.g. my "music neighbour evolution" page, you can see there which neighbours stay same over time + listen also to their libraries, ...)
  • Post-rock influenced trip-hop
  • N'hésitez pas a me faire part de vos trouvailles sur ce topic ;)
  • More tracks on my new Youtube Channel : Enjoy and subscribe ;) Music is...YourThirdLung
  • dark instrumental hip hop & chill out beatz:
  • nostalgic! =)
  • moja twórczość enjoy:)
  • new tracks online for free! triphop/ambient/downtempo
  • Polish dark trip - hop for free , enjoy! :)
  • Cheers :)
  • Check out Moth Equals -
  • antimatter is not trip hop
  • @lewi91: not really... there are some very specific sounds that define this genre...
  • like it
  • Great genre!
  • 12 characteristic bands (from a list of 168), analysis from several groups, see [url=][/url]
  • pop-conformism and drug-renaissance .
  • Jurassic Park!
  • I like
  • G.A.N. 665+1
  • Does anyone know the mid 90s trip hop song with these lyrics: Twice as good as the last time Four times as good as the time before Grooving down by the water Here by your side It was featured in a few TV series back in the day and I've been trying to remember what it's called.
  • Earthling ??
  • L.U.C - PyyKyCyKyTyPff
  • SeQueNce tHeOry pRojeCt New SELF RELEASED album TOYLAND out now ! Download it for FREE at or DONATE "our theory" with the <NAME YOUR PRICE> selection !!
  • Hey! we'd like to share our first album with people who could likes it, Download it at Includes 8 songs and HR artwork. Please let us know what you think about it, ferax
  • Le trailer du nouvel album de degiheugi :
  • Free HQ download at
  • Please listen to my stuff FREE DOWNLOAD
  • Hello and wellcome to Volgograd trip-hop project's page:
  • Trip-hop is a genre that I have a hard time identifying. Is it supposed to be a rhythm-driven, vocal electro-clash? Are vocals even a requirement of trip-hop?
  • Portishead *-*
  • Dj KRUSH is the best!
  • aylin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi, I'm a new abstract and trip hop musician on lastfm, come check my compositions !
  • wheerrt
  • Just released [album artist=The Real Dionysus]Groove Symposia[/album] by [artist]The Real Dionysus[/artist]. Its not all Trip Hop but inspired by Massive Attack, Zero 7, Portishead, Waldeck, etc. Check it out. You won't be disappointed. If you like a little Drum n Bass in your mix, check out [track artist=The Real Dionysus]Ecstasy[/track] or [track artist=The Real Dionysus]Change[/track].
  • Hi guys, I make something myself therefore I'd be great if u had a listen to some of them and give me some feedback, especially Thanks :)
  • Please check out Chanca - all the music can be heard here :


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