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  • Project Silence is superb!! If you want some new music to listen to, you should check out my site
  • Unrelated to that, I'm disappointed that someone who refers to themselves as a "proghead" would speak in the manner you do. Calling me a names and speaking of "real" music like some dumb, elitist ignoramus... You bring shame upon the prog community.
  • @proghead6391: When I say "Hardcore" I don't just mean the kind of Black Flag and Minor Threat kind. I also include Post-Hardcore, and all bands in Metalcore, Deathcore and Grindcore that are more on the Core side than the Metal side of the spectrum.
  • what a shit
  • MCJ_25rus, Дааааааааааааааааааааа
  • Silent Descent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best Trance-Metal band!!!!
  • I love how the emo fag is trying to say he knows what "metal" is... Well The Dawn Chose Orion are not "hardcore" they're "Progressive Metal" if anything. Hardcore is more like Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, or even Gorilla Biscuits. Get your genres right douche bag! Btw I noticed you like to troll on here like a little bitch. Do us a favor... get a decent hair cut (because you look emo), learn about "real" music, and then maybe we can take comments from the peanut gallery. Thanks! ;)
  • Blood Stain Child!!!!

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