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  • Sign if you want the old back:
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • I fixed the description
  • I'm just waiting for 'thrash folk' to be a thing.
  • thrash - не = митол! это для русских. митол = thrash MITOL
  • Killer vintage Megadeth shirts for auction... 12 in all:
  • thrash = not thrash metal [5] Someone should edit the description. (Someone = not me.)
  • THRASH!!!!!!
  • thrash = not thrash metal [4] also thrashcore and crossover. yours faithfully, Captain Obvious
  • thrash = not thrash metal [3]
  • thrash = not thrash metal [2]
  • Lol @ thrash metal in the thrash tag.
  • R.I.P. Jeff. Huge loss for thrash metal.
  • Hey, If you like good thrash metal why don't you check out my bands profile: While you're there, give our two songs ("Sacrificer" and "The Line") a play, download them and share 'em with all your friends. Also, If you could add some tags, that would help out a lot.
  • "Thrash is a punk genre....." hence why it's called thrash METAL.... [2]
  • hey everyone!!check it out ! ONE STATE (check & download ) thax for support and sorry for spam \m/
  • We just released this single last week, check it out!
  • "Thrash is a punk genre....." hence why it's called thrash METAL....
  • Thrash is a punk genre.....
  • Sodom,violent force it's thrash!!!
  • "Thrash is not thrash metal, you fools!" wat
  • in this week's update: there are 4 new entries + 1 moved down from top9 - from >230 bands, 9 are characteristic for thrash metal groups, see here: [url=][/url]
  • Thrash is not thrash metal, you fools!
  • Heavy Metal=Only Metal
  • stupid, castrated tag
  • ULTRA//NEGATIVE, total fastcore till your nose bleeds and you get your first suicidal thoughts.... its dope, real studio and shit, we aint some basement spammers
  • Good Speed/Trash Metal, [url=]Verka - Jaggah[/url]
  • Hey Guys! Check it out!!!
  • Pavel_p4elz Ты шо, ёбнулся?
  • oldschool thrash metal! check out our demo:
  • Wikipedia may not always be right. But this time it is : Learn the history ! "Throughout the '80s, the term "thrash" was in use as a synonym for hardcore punk (as in the New York Thrash compilation of 1982). It eventually came to be used for the faster, more intense style pioneered by D.R.I., just before their crossover period.[6] The "-core" suffix is necessary to distinguish it from the thrash metal scene, which is also referred to as "thrash" by fans. Still more confusingly, the term "thrashcore" is occasionally used by the music press to refer to thrash metal-inflected metalcore. (Wikipedia)
  • Originally thrash was a mix between punk, metal, hardcore and speed metal.
  • Hey Check out my groups "Long Haired Metalheads" and "I'm a MetalHead and Proud of It"
  • oldschool is newschool ... viva le thrash ... I'm a little bit tire of all the american emo/screamo bands ... some of them are good - but all to many ... NO - THRASH is the way ... oldschool is new school
  • check this band. Cheer from Lithuania !
  • Punk's been in metal pretty much since the beginning. Motorhead have had punky aggression and speed since their inception in 75.
  • Trivium will never be good, either
  • My first Metal band at the wee age of 4: Metallica FUCK YES
  • thrash metal old school is my life! death to groove metal fuck you!
  • metalcore, deathcore and any core has nothing to do with the real thrash and speed inspired metal ;]
  • "Headbangers That Are All About Metal" group check it out?
  • And their fans most be retarded cause Trivium has never been and will never be thrash
  • Trivium have like 100 times more listeners, duh.


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