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  • Deathchain, Legion of the Damned. Thrash was always here to stay. Thrash em all! \mm/
  • greatest musical genera ever
  • Exodus-gods of thrash metal
  • slayer-hardcore metallica 88-hardcore testament-thrash metal
  • Ovo je muzika!
  • The most ass kicking metal genre.
  • Thrash T'ill Death !
  • The best metal! Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer rules!
  • ewgene: there is no god.
  • STFU and listen to Pantera-shit and not discuss if they're pure Thrash,half-Thrash,43,3232387889 %-Thrash or anything.
  • : )
  • " Vulgar Display of Power is pure groove metal" Why is tht pure groove, it has good thrasy riffs, it's still groove/thrash and Cowdoys are more looking like a normal thras metal.
  • lol @ people whining about Pantera not being thrash metal hahaha how are they not? can't you see them up there in the list? :D
  • how would you define ZYANIDE ?? www.zyanide.com they are on lastfm too!!
  • There is no group that could be called pure groove metal, by gener they are always groove/thrash metal.
  • ? pantera had it its thrash era but more of groove metal so i tagged it heavy and groove metal not thrash
  • What's up with all the nu-groove crap being tagged as thrash?!
  • Good idea! Tag Kreator as Thrash Metal!!
  • you know how we can get Pantera off this page? If we tagged all the artist under Pantera Thrash Metal.
  • Pantera isn' t thrash metal
  • lol
  • Similar to: manguebeat. WTF?!
  • hahhaahha octember was an asswipe is a asswipe will be a asswipe :)
  • HAHA...octember is banned.....
  • i agree with metalmikke, octember relly can go f**k a sheep. but then maybe he has no c**k
  • Yes, very possibly.
  • Best genre ever? Quite possibly.
  • Octember go F**K a sheep
  • BONDED BY BLOOD - Feed The Beast (2008) Gama Bomb etc
  • Can anyone recommend me some GOOD stuff from newer Thrash Metal bands without any goove/hardcore? Leave some stuff in my shoutbox, I'd be happy about it, thanks.
  • octember is a arab asswipe
  • Man Pantera is Great but its not Thrash its post-thrash/groove metal
  • fuck fuck.... hardcore, thrash or groove! fuck!
  • vero...
  • i know pantera is not thrash metal, is groove, but karppaky you suck!@@


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