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  • what do they put in the water in sweden to produce such good pop music
  • The Hellacopters at #1
  • Sweden is especially great with music, right Ace of Base? ;D
  • Kent really deserves to be at #1 spot.
  • Estúpidos y sensuales suecos.
  • D-beat and death metal...
  • SWEEDISH TIME !!! [3]
  • Where is my mayonnaise :( ?
  • They make good music.
  • SWEEDISH TIME !!! [2]
  • candlemass!
  • bandilindo
  • <3
  • abba
  • Somebody can me give 70's swedish folk artist please ? :)
  • No metal?? WTF
  • word.
  • From shitloads of OSDM to Lykke Li and Fever Ray, Sweden has a lot of good shit.
  • favorite tag))))
  • The Knife, Zeigeist, Lo-Fi-Fnk, Kleerup, Familjen, Slagsmalsklubben, Vanbot, Jenny Wilson, Sally Shapiro, Maskinen.
  • Es demasiada Buena la Música Sueca
  • I love swedish music so much!!!!
  • love swedish bands
  • My new addiction.
  • Sverige och Ukraina - har vänner! För Sverige i tiden
  • I like this country! Blindside, AiV, The Cardigans, The Sound, Loney, dear!, Vacuum, Secret Service and other!
  • lol @metalheads thinking their music is mainstream enough to be mentioned over pop/rock/indie/ABBA
  • Now featuring Swedish music in []WorldSounds[/url]
  • Herbrightskies <3
  • DIsfear... Mmm. my drunk love))
  • non-English alt/indie playlist
  • where the fuck is Bathory?
  • That's only the best example xD
  • Where is In Flames?! Dark Tranquillity?! WHAT THE FUCK?!
  • Opeth!
  • wtf? here should be metal only -.-
  • i don' like sweden... if you wanna know why, click my user profile...
  • Hello Saferide <3
  • KENT.
  • Coldest people? Why?
  • The swedes are awesome at pretty much any type of music there is.
  • is there something in the fucking water that makes these motherfuckers so good at pop music? for real, ya'll, shit's crazy
  • @Mr_Romeo: You are just a lost soul who does not know Lisa Ekdahl.
  • @ShadowGonzo; must certainly not.
  • swedes make the best music
  • everybody loves swedish pop! [4]
  • ja, jag älskar mina svenska neighborerna
  • everybody loves swedish pop! [3]


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