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  • do you know any website which we can follw jazz and soul music news ?
  • who is the best soul artist?
  • Also, anyone hear Paolo Nutini's new album? I swear its a soul album...
  • check out Dallas Tamaira, lead of NZ band Fat Freddys Drop. Amazing soul voice.
  • I dont like that she covers some of my favourite songs.
  • "Basically if their black, their soul." top artists are not even all black idiot
  • If you don't like Amy, fuck yourself. Still she doesn't really compare to the other artists there
  • In January 2005, ZONE was chosen among over a 1000 other artists from 20+ countries to showcase on the 24/01/05;Live Upstairs at Midem at the Palais des Festivals. Zone new Cd "Gimali'" out now on ITUNES
  • amywhinehouse can go die.
  • [group]Yaoi fanclub - Gaahl x Oli :3[/group]
  • Untrue, jedimind65, and you know it. Lil' Wayne doesn't have an ounce of soul in him.
  • they're*
  • This is my music, my life!
  • I absolutely love the feel Jill gives in her music. She makes me feel really good and gives the assurance that i'm not alone in this world of "imaginative" love.
  • ahahah, Amy winehouse... she's awesome.... drunk bitch... ><
  • joooooo! Challenge my brute.. Its a nice browser game, give it a try! It only takes 2 mins! hf =D
  • Uffff tremendo gaye Sexual healing!!!!
  • Check out Raphael Saadiq's video! He is fantastic!!
  • really cool!! cheers!
  • oh ... my Soul!
  • sade: queen of hearts
  • ♥Joss Stone♥ [3]
  • ♥Joss Stone♥ [2]
  • ♥Joss Stone♥
  • [url=]Janis Joplin[/url]
  • Hi, check out [track artist=Eric Burdon]Cry To Me[/track], [track artist=Eric Burdon]Paint it Black[/track], [track artist=Eric Burdon]Kingsize Jones[/track]
  • Everyone please vote on this Cold Blood image: The current one online is of some long-hair metal band.
  • Peace, DJ Hanif here, inviting everyone to checkout the Relevant Sound podcast at There are currently 12 soulful mixes available and more are added every month. Relevant Sound is a collective of Bay Area DJs dedicated to the production, performance and promotion of the very best in soulful sounds. Djs Cali, Cecil, Be Brown and myself span various genres and eras of soulful music including: house, broken-beat, soul, jazz and latin grooves. Our residencies have included: The People (w/Hey Love), Bembe (w/Carlos Mena) and Freedom Sessions (w/ Rob Rhythm). Past guests have included: Ron Trent, Karizma, Simbad, Ian Friday, Lady Alma, Daz-I-Kue, Jephte Guillaume, Rich Medina, Dedan, Patrick Wilson and David Harness. Please enjoy and share the soulful flavors of the Relevant Sound crew and give us a shout on Myspace at Respect, DJ Hanif
  • Nice Women and good Singer..
  • James Morrison is, and will be, the best in soul music. He play amazing pop with rnb, and for this gret vocal... REALLY!
  • px1
    I love soul!


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