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  • Perhaps if if you want to rename it, we should rename singer-songwriter as.... lyricists.
  • I agree with vasdhjk, this category is ridiculous. Where's the line between 'singer' and 'singer-songwriter'? What if a singer-songwriter sings a someone else's song, does he instantly become a singer? If anything this should be a tag for a song, not for an artist. It is also the most useless category because it says nothing about the type of music, except that there is a singer (for which we have male/female vocalist categories).
  • The only people that don't fit under this tag are corporate produced pop stars.
  • )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • i don't understand how this is a music genre, or something that you could categorise music with.. but whatever, i sing and i songwrite so i guess i fit in, so if you've got the time, i appreciate if you'd listen to my song :D i love you in advance
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  • read the the description above you stupid git ;)
  • rappers are song writers too, fuck this tag/expression.
  • Quite like the fact that Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan are top artists here...
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  • the most useless tag ever
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  • singer songwriter is classic and it isn't going anywhere so deal with it!
  • Yes, this is a photo of Me (Michael James La Querka) and Kris Kristofferson, and all the young people said Kris who???? He's the guy who wrote the song "HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT" . Wanna be's like WILLIE NELSON recorded That song...................He He......Just Kiddin' Willie
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  • I find this tag quite useless, but I do understand why some may use it.
  • singer songwriter is generally a solo project, like acoustic music. it isn't to distinguish singers from songwriters, because many times in groups outside of pop, the singer does write the lyrics and things.
  • Big freaking deal. There have been singers that have performed songs written for them, or by someone else, since forever.
  • The fact that we actually have to distinguish singers from singer-songwriters is pretty sad
  • This tag is bullshit. Shouldn't tags be for GENRES?
  • The fact that we actually have to distinguish singers from singer-songwriters is pretty sad.....
  • Gaga is the best ♥
  • I don't understand this tag; it's a top tag for many folk/pop artists, but not for singer/songwriters from other genres. Why do folk/pop fans emphasise the fact that someone wrote what he sings more than fans of other music?
  • these types of artists are the best... who actually WRITE their OWN music
  • If you like Kate Bush, you might also like the nordic singer/songwriter Lucie Niemelä with her romantic debut album “Doses” Would be nice, if you could have a listen:
  • gggggrrreeeeaaatttttttttttt¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ yeah maaaaaaaan.... jajajajajaja
  • One of the most dumb tags period.
  • New EP, even has a Big Star cover
  • Nice things
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  • Hey, let's tag every band with "band".
  • Unless this tag ins't exactly what it says on the tin. This tag useless.
  • typical of the singer-songerwriter label. its bullshit for the most part. its just a way for fans and artists that make folksy music to make themselves feel like they're better than everyone else. yea i said it :) im looking at you sharyl crow supporters. to time for me to be PC.


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