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  • "as for this tag, how obnoxious! most rappers are songwriters btw." And most of them damn sure ain't singers.
  • as for this tag, how obnoxious! most rappers are songwriters btw.
  • Feel free to join this group for Astral Weeks fans :-)
  • Elliott <3
  • u mad ppls?
  • bob dylan is the best in here
  • It's finally happened, two tracks by Acoustic Phases now available here on Last FM. Taking Time & Seasons of Life. Two great songs that touch on our ever changing world and how we intertwine with nature and about Noticing all the little things we take for granted in life. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my songs.
  • Hello, we're [artist]Wicked Willy[/artist], and we invite you to hear the "dark side" of singer-songwriter music! Please give a listen to our new album at: -Thanks so much for your support & let us know what you think of the songs! [track artist=Wicked Willy]Something in the Water[/track]
  • Can anyone please rate my new song? :)
  • Forever Alone's
  • Check out [url=]this artist[/url], she's totally awesome
  • the guys and girls on here are some of the most talented musicians ever, Just look at the top artists, pure amazing
  • Elliott, Waits, and Drake in the top artists makes me happy
  • Hi. Just joined hoping to promote my music.
  • [url=]hi[/url] ... [url=]free music[/url] an album being sold for bail money will be available soon 0.o
  • I'm ([artist]Remember Our Story Eternally[/artist]) an artist. Singer-songwriter indeed
  • Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. Three lost gems
  • Hey guys! Check this guy out his lyrics are so catchy and his voice sings stories of his life. Hope you're all enjoy it ;) Peace!
  • @Roman616 In which dreamworld do you live in? Also if tags are only supposed to be genres, they would be called "genres".
  • New Music on Last.FM:
  • Carol King went from songwriter to Songster!
  • Songsters like Pat Boon were not songwriters. Frank Sinatra, another example.
  • Check out this group if you like listening music surrounded by nature:
  • singer-songwriter is not a Genre!
  • why should be this tag useless?
  • Пороюсь.
  • stupid, useless tag is stupid
  • this tag is just useless [5]
  • JOhn Mayer is on the top atleast.
  • People who hate this tag love it when record labels tell their musicians what to sing.
  • grayscale rock
  • Yes, this is a self-promotion. Truthfulness is what I aim for with my music as well, so: [artist]Bruno Marra[/artist] Have a good day!
  • this tag is just useless [3] idiot tag [3]
  • Strong female singer-songwriters scare Dyomaeth. You go, Tori! Show the men that women can rock too.
  • Elliot Smith definitely needs to smoke to be in the 1st line
  • Hi there, Annika Jayne's first album Fabulous Sceneries is out now, including 12 songs in English and French in Folk-Singer/Songwriter-ChamberFolk-Chanson style! Find out more at or at !
  • haha, y r;nt the rest smoking too>?
  • hell ;o;!
  • three smoking men
  • I personally like the tag......
  • completely shit
  • Tori Amos is so creepy..
  • да!)
  • есть русские?
  • If this tag is useless and idiot , so why do you coming here and saying that? Just shut up and go away.
  • this tag is just useless [2] idiot tag [2]


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