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  • metal = screamo
  • ree ree metalcore is actually better than skramz
  • screamo is for fagits, kill urselves
  • reee not scramz ree amirite
  • SCRAMZ. GOTTA GET YA SCRAMZ. ya'll sound autistic.
  • Scramzfagz gonna haet...
  • Well, at least Envy is among the top artists now.
  • lol
  • 1. Point out the obvious lack of actual screamo, 2. Whine about the top artists sucking/the bandmembers' haircuts, 3. ???, 4. Profit.
  • Free real screamo EP (for fans of I Hate Myself, Merchant Ships and Pianos Become The Teeth)
  • just use use real screamo or skramz .
  • None of these bands are screamo what the fuck. This genre is so misused and it's annoying.
  • пиздец ну и хуйня я ебал
  • Hopefully not everyone does.
  • They must be fans of the Biebers.
  • why does everyone in this genre have a justin beiber haircut?
  • \\ screamo / \\ melancholic / \\ hardcore / \\ punk / \\ emotional / \\ melodic / . l e a v e s : > > > > > > > > >
  • "The Used play a genre which does not even exist right now. They have no scene no more." This is obscenely dumb. As far as Mallcore Screamo goes, you have newer bands like Crown The Empire, Sleeping With Sirens, Palisades, and Memphis May Fire going strong right now. Plus longtime acts like Four Letter Lie, Story Of The Year, Alesana, Greeley Estates, Silverstein, and more are still at it. The scene is as alive as ten years ago. You just have to look for it now. Social Media and MTV stopped pushing it in like 2007.
  • twitter is a good outlet btw guys
  • I really hate the term "skramz".
  • Se ficou ofendido pau no seu cu.
  • Acho engraçado essas bandas tipo Asking Alexandria porque elas não são nem emo, nem post-hardcore, nem metalcore, então chamo de anomalia mesmo.
  • No screamo here at all
  • How is it possible that not even one screamo band is on top. I mean procentual. There are much more Screamo bands than Post-Hardcore ones. The Used play a genre which does not even exist right now. They have no scene no more. MCR is gone. Those Bands are actually 6years old What the fuck. But Screamo is present even 2014 and will be 2015, and any year too. There will be a day a fucking screamo band is on top a real one like Funeral Diner.
  • Coincidence: Every Screamo Band i know of, has some awesome Black And White Picture while Screaming or feeling the guitar sound. This made Screamo Bands so famous on And it's somehow a code of people who don't know shit about those Bands, cause they are connected through those pics, it's something generous and powerful while seeing them. They look completely different somehow, maybe their is so much power in the audience that we can image what they felt in that moment and it potrays their power while playing. It's shining through the picture and creates a massive impact on the viewer. But since i imagine things easy it could be my own imagination after all.
  • The same that happened to Punk Rock in the 70's. [tag]Post-Punk[/tag], happened to Hardcore in the 90's. The result was Screamo. Fascinating.
  • A Tribute to Orchid by bands from the Post-Soviet states. All music and lyrics written by Jayson, Will, Jeffrey, Brad and Geoff between 1997 and 2002; rethought and performed by my friends in 2014.
  • Hey Fellow scrobblers. Check out a fresh screamo band called Birthright (Born Wrong). You can download the EP titled Leave Limiting Form like A Rain Unto Earth Below!
  • Palisades screamo? lol
  • everything here is not screamo some people can not see the difference between screamo and posthardcore
  • tbf this tagi s a bit better than i expected
  • o k
  • Ist die Zuwendung zu den Hardcore Punk Elementen und verbindet die Elemente des Emos miteinander, Der Sänger schreit sehr oft in diesen Musikstil und die Musik wird laut und brachial ohne Verluste. Sehr oft braucht es seine Zeit bis der Sänger anfängt zu singen. Texte handeln von Wut/Trauer und am meisten vom Zerstören von Dingen und Sünden die man in sich selbst findet. In den Menschen in der Welt und es regt die Person auf und sie will es am liebsten in die ganze Welt hinaus schreien. Als Einflüsse sind der Metal zu nennen der Hardcore Punk von Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Rites of Spring etc.. wurde zum Hardcore. In den 90'ern war der Screamo noch bekannt durch Bands wie Indian Summer und I Hate Myself, wurde aber schnell in eine noch härtere Art des Screamo weiterentwickelt die jetzt mitunter sehr viele Bands besetzen und als Screamo hoch halten. Einer der frühersten True School Kandidaten waren Orchid und Swing Kids die beide als Legendär gehandelt werden.
  • @JamesPhillips70 please tell me you are joking.
  • ps fuck underoath
  • well you did say real screamo sucks
  • "v l0l" Leave it to the guy with literally no scenecore in his charts to get a laugh out of a post about it. As if you know anything about it. Typical ignorant kid on the internet.
  • La ubicación: post-hardcore con partes instrumentales post-rock de Granada, España ->
  • v l0l
  • Real screamo sucks. We need some new bands to bring back the mid 00s sound of stuff like A Static Lullaby, akissforjersey, and LoveHateHero. At least the new Four Letter Lie EP is awesome.
  • capnfuckdikfinn, too fat.
  • Bring Me The Horizon are first wave Emo-Violence/thrashcore
  • Bring Me The Horizon are not screamo are you an idiot?


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