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  • whewh Fuck Wher e is RAIDO HEAD!!!
  • Taylor Swift is sadly awful.
  • If Yung Lean wasn't in the top eight I would have freaked my shit the fuck out maaaanee
  • i fuckign hate sad songs.
  • if u like slow music join this group
  • old release, almost all of the tracks, a complete shit, but, maybe you hear something interesting in this recordings, i hope so and of course a free download!
  • How the hell isn't Elliott #1?
  • Playlist
  • sad & Polish
  • What?? Taylor Swift????
  • Who the fuck is Taylor Swift?
  • thumbs up for the "so you wanna be a superhero"
  • This must be like the only time Taylor Swift and The Smiths are going to ever be discussed together.
  • Taylor swift fucking depressive
  • What the hell is Swift doing here?
  • taylor swift... nice.
  • Taylor Swift ,gross.
  • Taylor Swift!?!?! GTFO!
  • Ha you gotta be kidding me Taylor
  • Related: emo.
  • Implying tay tay makes sad music.
  • Why the f*ck is Mika's album "Life In Cartoon Motion" in "Recently added" ? This album is the opposite of sad !
  • Do you like sad music?) we are young band from Russia. Check out our new EP "Milk".!/Milk+%5BEP%5D
  • The wiki should mention that it may also be used to tag artists whose very existence is saddening. You know, for neutrality purposes.
  • no Peter Hammill in 'top artists'? Radiohead and some pop bitches are present? are you fucking kiddin' me? V_V
  • Aqua = Shit Lana Del Rey = Hype
  • Aqua = Happy Lana Del Rey=Sad
  • britney & rihanna are in the list Lol
  • Smile Empty Soul isn't very sad at all. It's just grungey stuff for kids who listen to Nickelback, etc..
  • It baffles me that Britney Spears should be ahead of some band named "Smile Empty Soul". "Smile Empty Soul", for goodness sakes! A band name like that says "All our songs are about carbon monoxide poisoning."
  • Да уж. Этим тегом только отдельные песенки можно отмечать.
  • исчерпывающий тег, все стилистические рамки для снобов-элитистов.)
  • "Sadness is a blessing", hehe :D Here's a new single of shoegaze/post-punk/melancholic pop band Vranorod-
  • Ef, this band makes sad music. [2]
  • ✞▇ L♥ѵʒﬦɨϵﬦ ▇✞
  • Hello, we're [artist]Wicked Willy[/artist], and we invite you to hear the "dark side" of singer-songwriter music! Please give a listen to our new album at: -Thanks so much for your support & let us know what you think of the songs! [track artist=Wicked Willy]Far Away[/track]
  • Britney and Christina. Now you made ​​me laugh.
  • WHAT?!? is Britney doing on the list; come on!
  • "Songs for broken hearts, broken minds or broken lives."
  • This is a sad tag indeed.
  • SAD !! I love this tag.
  • New Music on Last.FM:
  • 'fast car' cover by 'xiu xiu'. i dont cry at all but i get very close to it when i listen to this cover.


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