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  • why the fuck is taylor swift not on here
  • 2real4u
  • What happened why is tonetta no longer in the top 8 he's realer than fucking yung lean
  • :3
  • >MegaAnthrax's anger when Who the fuck's Burzum?
  • megaanthrax, burzum ain't a nigga tho.
  • Obviously this tag belongs to Burzum. The rest of tagged artist aren't even close to his realness.
  • Why the fuck is there a pic of Justin Beiber
  • wise words HumbleGold
  • Y'all motherfuckers need Malcolm X
  • crying with laughter right now holy jesus
  • I coined this tag specifically for Lil B and Soulja Boy. I'm not even mad at who tags what with it. Just know its conception was genuine and not ironic.
  • Tonetta is realer than all the other artists on this page.
  • So based it made my kitten piss champagne.
  • god damn so based
  • R.A.E.D wins this round.
  • [artist]Bon Jovi[/artist] runs this tag?
  • who
  • Burzum exclusive tag [5]
  • lulz
  • troll tag
  • v the top artists chart would beg to disagree with you there
  • Tonetta is realer than Lil B. [2]
  • Tonetta is realer than Lil B.
  • lol
  • I almost started crying of from laughing when I saw that Brian Pumper was tagged
  • lmao
  • Real recognize real and this nigga the realest
  • Lil B exclusive tag [2]
  • Lil B exclusive tag.
  • trill
  • Hahah
  • this is my easily favorite tag ever. also, tonetta is realer than all them other bitches.
  • Best tag ever.
  • I think Elzhi is not so real. It's not Drake or Soulja, he is not from the streets.
  • WTF?! Soulja Toy is Real??? LoL
  • Silliest tag I ever did see [2]
  • Rebecca Black is real as fuck
  • truuuuu
  • game recognize game granddad and you lookin KINDA UNFAMILIAR RIGHT NOW
  • Jo O'Meara should be higher
  • Silliest tag I ever did see
  • lol imogen heap
  • rebecca black bust her gun i seen her
  • lmao, i'm glad a left a decent footprint on with this tag i coined a two years ago. but rebecca black, seriously? lol
  • tonetta is as real as gets you niggas don't realize it yet niggas but one day u will niggas
  • aywoac you don't get anything


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