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  • @trad-goth agreed, this is all pop music, check out [tag]Rhythm and Blues[/tag] tag
  • Download Blanche Eden's 'Woman' EP & more for FREE today! #freemusic #rnb #pop
  • Where are the animals fantastic 60's R&B music :)
  • Check out my free album , and the rest of my music
  • Tyra Banks - "Shake Ya Body"
  • This isn't R&B, this is shit. [7]
  • @sinasts you a stupid hoe :D stop shitting over there, stay away
  • @GonewithMyHeart u can shut the hell up... ur music sense is quite obvious with that bitch's pic on ur profile pic
  • This isn't R&B, this is post-R&B ... and some of them talentless
  • "This isn't R&B, this is shit" really? Lol. Purists are hilarious sometimes.
  • If you don't like the artists/songs, don't listen to them/it. Simple as that. :)
  • i don't care what they say, i'm in love with it <3
  • This isn't R&B, this is shit. [6]
  • V shut up dickheads V this artists are wonderful. [2]
  • This isn't R&B, this is shit. [5]
  • V shut up dickheads V this artists are wonderful.
  • This isn't R&B, this is shit. [4]
  • This isn't R&B, this is shit. [3]
  • pop latino, jazz, electronic, r&b :)
  • moment of extreme echo! Wadaap!
  • It's good that people don't use the full name for this shit. This is R&B; Rhythm and Blues is Otis Redding, Sam Cooke & the music that inspired The Who & The Stones.
  • Anthony Hamilton is back on top. The man is a legend. Respect is always due. If you don't believe me that he's one of the best of today, then try seeing him live and then say something. He's on tour now. I'll even make it easy for you. Here's the dates:
  • destek olalım. unterstützen. support. wsparcie. soutenir. apoyar. sostegno. サポート. apoiar. υποστήριξη. поддержка. stöd. kusaidia.
  • it should be ashanti usher beyonce alicia keys and more old R&B as top artists
  • Rihanna, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars.... zzzz
  • This isn't R&B, this is shit.
  • what the fuck is this, this "artists" or pseudo artist are not Rithym and Blues... X<
  • Bruno Mars ain't R&B, he's pop.
  • ho
  • Justin Bieber? Hyped? lol
  • Okay out of ALL the tags on I thought this would be the easiest to identify. Why the hell is Rihana tagged as R&B?
  • Beyonce >>>>>>>>>>>
  • <3
  • Hi. "Nouveau Riche" did well in January, so it will be featured until the end of February. You can hear "Nouveau Riche" at"Filo"+Phillips
  • Thanks for your support in 2011 and Best Wishes for 2012. The song of the month for January 2012 is "Nouveau Riche". To hear "Nouveau Riche" please visit"Filo"+Phillips
  • Such a misused tag :/
  • Sandy Leah
  • "It was nice for a change, to hear music instead of people's voices..." was a comment by a listener. Visit"Filo"+Phillips and listen to "Twinite (1498-2000)". If you like it, tell others!!
  • Hi. If I'm not the first, then let me be among the earliest to wish you "Season's Greetings". May I also take this opportunity to introduce you to my latest album entitled "Twinite (1498-2000)". It contains 16 instrumentals, many of which have attracted fans of Isaac Hayes, Henry Mancini, Beethoven, Mozart, Donnie McClurkin, Katy Perry and many other popular artists. It would be a great Xmas gift. For purchases, please visit Once again, Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  • rhythm? Yes. Blues? Please tell me where! [3]
  • Ultime Espoir!
  • Beyoncé!
  • i love R&B !
  • Black person making pop music? Automatically R&B [4] And that is the sad part. I thought people who were really into R&B knew the difference. Otis Redding/Aretha Franklin-R&B, Toni Braxton/Sade-contemporary R&B, Teddy Riley-New Jack Swing, Faith Evans/Mary J. Blige-Hip Hop Soul, Trey Songz/Chris Brown/Beyoncé-R&B marketed Pop. Now even the Grammy's Committee are shoving them all into this massive hot mess.
  • Ray Charles is rolling over in his grave.[2]
  • rhythm? Yes. Blues? Please tell me where! [2]
  • Luv it :) [2]
  • speakfree ent. coming soon ;)


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