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  • This tag is pretty gay.
  • Wait people still care about glee?
  • I sort of agree that this tag is just as useless as the 'female vocalists' or 'gay' tag if it's simply a case of "busting out the old lable maker". However, considering the political implications of the term 'queer', I'm okay with it being used as a tag denoting certain themes said 'queer' artists touch on in their lyrical work and/or artistic style.
  • @breakscape: tags are not genres ... @TheArtistBox: it wasn't taken by homosexuals. the meaning was changed by bigots and homosexuals took the word back for themselves after.
  • fuck glee [2]
  • fuck glee
  • Glee hahahahha
  • Thirty funky, groovy & damn sexy tunes that are sure to get your gay on. Includes: Prince, Charlotte Gainsbourg & Daughn Gibson -
  • gay artist- pls check out my page and enjoy my artist- free downloads
  • xD

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