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  • besagt ein Mann mit dem furry auf Ava.
  • Bobo cant be worst of any kind of people as this crown is reserved for the overgrown children with anime avataras.
  • Topsy Turvy's (Punk Rock - France) NEW SONG & VIDEO :
  • Our debut album, 'Spectrum', is available to download for free and vinyl can be ordered from
  • POrra vcs tão discutindo no last fm vão caçar o que fazer
  • v Truth is tough sometimes. I don't expect everyone to understand.
  • bobo u are just consistently the worst guy ever pls stop
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  • Even funnier is the 30 somethings who think that because they're older, their opinion holds some magical insight. News flash: The kids who conform to Scene simply because it's the "cool" thing are the same types who would have liked punk in the 90s. Those older folks tend to forget that Punk was a commercial force in the mid 90s. You can pat yourself on the back all you want for listening to Guttermouth and Pennywise in 1996 because thousands of others were too. I don't think there's ever an excuse to be so non-self aware that you fall victim to a generation gap. Feeble minds do that.
  • Music snobbery is the perfect indicator of a moron, a child or both. [2] True Punx are the biggest crybaby pussies you will ever meet. Thank god Warped Tour stopped catering to that pack of pansies. I find it funny how the punks will complain about "scene kids" all day, yet you never see scene kids making fun of and talking shit on punks. And yet they call them the pussies? I never understood it.
  • haha ! mybe someone like .
  • Check out The Roadside Bombs (Sonoma, CA) NEW RELEASE "My Side of Town" there's a video for "Not Everybody Knows a Good Thing" on there too... and share please!
  • Unpunked (Covers of punk classics)
  • Forgive me if I do not return tonight home. A spotify playlist.
  • kd dead kennedys e sex pistols? ae nos principais?
  • Music snobbery is the perfect indicator of a moron, a child or both. Most of the older punk bands now sound like listening to Lady Gaga in comparison to more recent bands. But anyway, arguing over music genres or band credibility is the most fucked up pointless bullshit ever. Music is a form of entertainment, not a bloody maths exam. Listen to the music you like, don't listen to the music you don't like, and spend your energy getting an education instead of debating complete and utter bollocks.
  • We are SPPPACE a Garage band from Salamanca, Spain!
  • Also, why does the average punk rock fan seem to have a hidden insight into how and why pop music fans are idiots and/or conformists? If you don't listen to any pop ever, you probably aren't credible enough to comment on it in such a manner, and you're just going to view it in a negatively biased manner because punk is the antithesis of pop. It feels like patting yourself on the back more than anything.
  • How come no one accuses metal or rock bands of not really being metal or rock because they don't sound like the first wave or two of those genres, but punk fans do just that?
  • Punk olmasaydı ne olurduk.
  • que xuxa hacen green day the offspring sum 41 blink 182 en la lista nunca han sido punk
  • Most of these top artists belong in the pop punk tag, not the punk rock tag. Don't get me wrong though, I like some of these that shouldn't really be here.. But what the hell are bands like Good Charlotte and Yellowcard doing here? Or what about All Time low? Really? I can barely call it pop punk.
  • lolwut, sum41
  • Looking round the web for any new punk bands who want to feature on a compilation album if you do head over to and send us an email
  • It's even more agonizing when the person saying it is in their 30s. I can understand a kid just finding punk wanting to associate with it heavily for the sake of image, but grown men complaining like little kids is almost as comical as it is embarrassing.
  • There is a lot of good music in this genre, but the fanbase almost kills it for me. "Bands who make pop music are sellouts and not as real as punk wah wah wah" Shut the fuck up, kids.
  • Hi everyone. I quickly need to sell 2 Frank Turner tickets for this Wednesday 12th February 2014 at the 02 arena, London. They are in block 102, row G. I bought the 2 for £61 pounds together and I can sell them both for £45. They are on Viagogo or if you want them at this price then please email me at if you are interested. Price may be negotiable. They are e-tickets so I can email you the PDF document with them on, ready to be printed out. I can only accept PayPal but if you don't have an account then it is really easy to set up online. If you are interested or have any questions at all then please feel free to email me. Thanks everyone - James -
  • гриндей пидарасы
  • A new release for TOPSY TURVY'S (Punk Rock - France) Split 7'' w/ Johk: Check it on bandcamp :
  • positive and upbeat sounds synonymous to gay and lame
  • fun music, but too many cynical people seem to listen to it. The punk scene itself blows. Pop punk is so much more positive and upbeat.
  • so tem banda de pop punk...
  • que porra é essa
  • This page gives me a massive headache.
  • "green day" "the offspring" "blink 182" "rise against" "sum 41" "NOFX" something's wrong here.
  • Привет! Предлагаю зацени банду с моего местечка, отличный коктейль из панка, хард-кора, психоделики и рок-н-ролла:
  • Free download of [url=]Deadpan Dolls'[/url] new single Liebesaffäre with B-Side Country Corrupt:
  • probably the worst Top Artists for a simple tag..except FEW bands
  • Post-punk is like best thing that happened to music.
  • Hi! Recommend S.R.D. - The original band from Belarus to compose in the 90 years the great music at the crossroads of punk, hardcore, rock and roll and psihobili. Download: Video rarity:
  • Green day are easy targets cu's they mixt punk and pop, but that doesn't mean there music is fake or that they'r sellouts.... did you know that johnny rotten from the sex pistols made a commercial for fucking butter?! yes they might be shit now but that's what happens when you get old.! the fact that other bands have "tougher" chords dose not make them less authentic
  • Hey, please check out my band Rage Grapes :)
  • Really? This is the worst thing? Of all the bad music out there, punk is the worst? And I thought I was fucked in the head.
  • The worst thing ever to happen to music.
  • Punk Rock!


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