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  • nadie habla español????
  • И это Панк Рок?0_О Одни коммерческие ориентированные петушки.:(
  • This page is shows artist kinda punk... and yeah, i don't care, i just likes them.. and shows who popular on last.fm and many listeners.. about ramones/sex pistols, etc, i know they are legend.. all people will know who the real punk rocker's ...
  • Where is the old school Punk Rock?
  • Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, really? -_- How about Sex Pistols. The Dictators, The Damned ...?
  • blink-182 not a punk ,it vomiting monkeys
  • Blink 182 for the win
  • i like blink-182
  • this music is pop punk :/ why can't I see Ramones/sex pistols/clash/misfits/.. in the top artists? what's wrOng?
  • "Heterosexuals Have The Right To Rock!"
  • Blink182 has been rock!!!
  • Heterosexuals Have The Right To Rock!
  • not all pop punk bands suck, but most of them do!
  • because gay music is better than shitty straight hetero music. deal with it, faggot.
  • most popular punk there is gay pop punk... why?
  • well if you wanna get general with it of course they're gonna tag hilarious bands. just look within, there's so much more...
  • last fm barely knows how to categorize music anymore...
  • Check us out, "Beggars On Highway". you can download our songs for free
  • Saw crying hipsters and just laughed (not liking Bad Religion and The Offspring means you're a mentally handicapped hipster, FACT)
  • Saw the Top Artists of this tag and just cried [5]
  • Can Green Day and Blink-182 be considered as "Punk Rock"??? I always though they were just pop-punk...
  • Saw the Top Artists of this tag and just cried [4]
  • The Offspring, hell yeah!
  • Cool
  • Saw the Top Artists of this tag and just cried [3]
  • Saw the Top Artists of this tag and just cried[2]
  • Saw the Top Artists of this tag and just cried
  • FIRE EXIT - Only London gig this year at New Cross Inn in London, Saturday 22nd September! Supporting them will be...CHARRED HEARTS + BLEACH BOYS + EMERGENCY BITTER + SCIENCE MADE US ROBOTS. Tickets are £5 in advance: www.newcrossinn.com/?p=2&id=518 Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/244836012269384/
  • The maine!!!!!!!
  • http://www.lastfm.fr/music/dominoise
  • You can download here for free the whole Ep "Hard, Loud and Alcoholic!". Check it out! http://www.lastfm.com/music/Beggars+On+Highway/Hard,+Loud+and+Alcoholic!
  • love green gay
  • Polish Hardcore Punk comp http://www.mediafire.com/?pwtnr5vc73hd8hn
  • The Offspring MY FAVORITE BAND
  • also visit the "classic punk" tag, if that's what you're looking for
  • @FuturamaFan1998 Thats why I tag them as punk instead of punk rock or pop punk (in some cases) But I disagree with you when it comes to Bad Religion
  • The top artists make me sad. None of those except for the Ramones and possibly NOFX are real punk.
  • and I know most hate towards pop punk is because it ignores the punk ideology, but I don't give a shit what a band believes in if the music doesn't hold up. Why listen to something that preaches a punk lifestyle if I can't relate to it in the first place?
  • most pop punk is in no way trying to be real punk rock, so calling it "fake" or "poseur" punk is complete idiocy. It's catchier and more lighthearted in terms of lyrical content too. I just never got the appeal of most "real" punk. Bad Religion is amazing, but that's about where my interest ends.
  • <3
  • From listening to Clash, Sex Pistols and The Cure I really don't get why people think pop punk isn't punk. Punk rock was never a particularly abrasive style to begin with, just unconventional. It seems now that when hardcore punk came in the standard for 'what is punk' got re-set.
  • где Sex Pistols???
  • Green Day at first place?! Kill me
  • Bro.. The punk bands I see in your library are Bad Brains, Crass and 7Seconds. If you only consider those hardcore bands as punk, then you have absolutely no clue what punk rock is. Please download the first album from the Ramones.
  • Sure, man. Goelian has never heard of any of the punk bands I listen to and goes to extreme lengths to disguise his love of commercial pop music as an appreciation of 'true punk'.
  • Un_Autre_Con has never listened to a punk band.
  • The Offspring were never a punk band.
  • @npgust, The Ramones were never populair. It's music for the outsiders. So it could never be populair punk :D
  • Ramones cannot be pop punk. They are the founders of punk rock. Just because stuff got heavier than them doesn't make them pop punk.


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