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Protopunk, benämning på artister och band som kan sägas ha föregått den egentliga punken. Det handlar om band och soloartister som visat sig vara viktiga inspirationskällor till punkbanden men även andra band som påminde attitydmässigt och/eller musikaliskt om punkrocken. Det finns inte ett enda sound som passar in på alla de här banden utan soundet kunde skilja sig mycket åt.

Många protopunk-band hade dock det…

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  • ..and the most important proto punk band los saicos.
  • Death should be a top artist, right off the bat.
  • Crónica del rock (de 1905 a 2015) Una aventura por el mundo del rock, desde las primeras influencias hasta la actualidad (más de 500 canciones). La lista está, en la medida de lo posible, organizada por épocas y estilos. La selección de los temas es completamente subjetiva (lo que a mi me gusta). Salud.
  • sls
    I've been digging deep into the 60s/70s record crates lately and a lot of what I pull up I find being called "proto-punk". It seems that punk didn't start with the Ramones et al., but was gradually developed out of the noisier, grittier side of garage rock over a decade or more. In that way, you could just as well call punk "post-garage". You could date it back to early Kinks and The Who, at least. (to use some more well known examples) If it's not known to you, you owe it to yourself to check it out...
  • coolest genre ever
  • The Velvet Underground <3
  • I had no idea I listened to so much "proto-punk" :P i always regarded this as classic punk and bands like bad brains and black flag as hardcore. Granted, the bands under this tag (Stooges, NY Dolls, VU) are really in a league of their own and i respect seeing them distinguished from other acts
  • genre is bullshit

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