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  • "Led Zepplin = soul jazz " Haha, right.
  • this Coven's song is metal enough for me
  • implying meal is even food to begin with
  • Coven are only thrown in with the proto-metal stuff because of the Satanic and occult themes which are also prevalent in heavy metal.. musically they are more akin to the psychedelic folky rock coming out of san francisco at the time... the Jefferson Airplane comparisons seem pretty sound to me, although i'm admittedly not very familiar with Jefferson Airplane..
  • Led Zepplin = soul jazz
  • Is Black Sabbath proto-metal ? I'd say it's metal itself [2]
  • prout au méthane ?
  • this genre is fucking awesome
  • Coven sounds like Jefferson Airplane. Proto-metal?
  • Led Zeppelin? Naw

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