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  • Avatar för Nettacki
    Green Day had at least one stint with this: American Idiot.
  • Avatar för benxander
    There's only one band I can personally think of who "combines punk music with complex instrumental structures and often political lyrics", and that's [artist]The Damned[/artist]. Try listening to both The Black Album and Phantasmagoria.
  • Avatar för Wheelspawn
    Pink Floyd has nothing to do with punk. U2 has nothing to do with prog. Bad Religion tried prog but never combined it with punk.
  • Avatar för AprilPhantom
    it's not an oxymoron, Punk can be more creative, esoteric, and experimental than the stagnant 70's progressive rock scene.
  • Avatar för xVTSWx
    I think The Mars Volta, NoMeansNo, Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan can fit into this tag.
  • Avatar för Oates_Moustache
    Yeah, it's a bit of a wanky self-applied genre, but at the same time it's nice to see Cardiacs as the top artist for something.
  • Avatar för Tripmetal
    reply to :- BlockJuice isn't this the same thing as post-punk? No not really, post-punk was more of a Krautrock (German Prog - Prog which Punks could like) or Gothic Rock general direction, although this area of rock was all a little vague really & crossed over with the more pop New Wave.Some post-punk bands had dub, reggae, funk & disco influences even. Agree not very well outlined above.Basically any music that has a bit of Punk & Prog influences in it's eclectic mix - that's a broad area though.Very much for the broad minded listener.In the mid to late '70's the extreme ends of rock were divided into Punk or Prog (including arty Proto-Metal bands) at the other end.Many of the musicians on both sides of the divide have 'come-out' & admitted they had influences that was forbidden though - this is the area of bands that you will find Pronk :-P
  • Avatar för nekrobator
    That description is the shittest description on the whole last.fm, Pink Floyd and U2? really?
  • Avatar för RaptorBoost
    Why does this tag strike me as a bit of a oxymoron?
  • Avatar för nekrobator
    DT? we are talking about Deep Turtle right? fucking great progressive punk. That other DT band shouldn't be mentioned here.

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