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  • God, you take a space out of power pop and you end up with a bunch of sucky emo bands [3] yes, please fuck yourselves
  • http://www.last.fm/music/Candy+Hearts check it out
  • http://spppace.bandcamp.com/releases We are SPPPACE a Garage band from Salamanca, Spain!
  • Owl City <3
  • Sergeant D would be happy if he sees this tag.
  • God, you take a space out of power pop and you end up with a bunch of sucky emo bands [2]
  • <3 <3 <3 yes make me a smile
  • For fans of the ACTUAL power pop from the 70s & 80s, some rare gems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5YmDnBvM-E&hd=1
  • God, you take a space out of power pop and you end up with a bunch of sucky emo bands
  • I'll take "worst tags ever" for 1,000, Alex
  • [tag]powerpop[/tag] [tag]power pop[/tag]? meh.
  • i like this shit lol
  • Powerpop? Bitch... Please!
  • This is completely crap.
  • WTF? powerpop is not the name of this genre, this is called [tag]power pop[/tag]. and in fact, all the bands tagged here in lastfm are from the [tag]pop punk[/tag] music
  • http://vk.com/power_pop
  • seems like "powerpop" has the bad bands and "power pop" has the good. Wish it was like that for other genres.
  • Happy emo
  • What the fuck is this shit [3]
  • *pop punk page* this shit isn't pop punk, the correct term wold be powerpop! *powerpop page* this shit isn't real powerpop, this is pop punk! lmfao, you guys. don't ever change.
  • What the fuck is this shit
  • These guys can have the "powerpop" tag. "Power pop" looks a lot cleaner anyways ;)
  • "Power pop" is a very flexible term. A lot of people here are miffed by the top artists, and, I think, for a good reason, too: they're hardly the most representative artists of power pop. It's pretty fucking weird and confusing, though. You don't see this kind of thing outside last.fm since "power pop" and "powerpop" are both synonymous with each other. Allmusic and RateYourMusic all have groups like Big Star and Cheap Trick under top artists/releases. All the power pop blogs I've read or skimmed through don't have anything to do with the bands or music here.
  • Looking through the top artists and all I see is new generation pop "punk" garbage. Seriously, please do not associate power pop to this.
  • Goddammit. What the fuck happened to power pop.
  • "Power pop" seems to mean something different from "powerpop".
  • True, but I guess all the anger that floats around this page is how people feel that these bands are trying to "hijack" power pop and completely change its definition... much like how "R&B" meant one thing in the 1950s-1960s, and since the 1980s it means something else entirely.
  • Go to the page for "Power pop" (with a space) to see the real bands represented up top. Also, Chriistian2 is an ignorant, knuckle-dragging try-hard
  • v Doesn't change the fact that they aren't power pop. Power pop is a genre with a very specific definition, and none of these bands fit it.
  • BIG STAR >:(
  • Just because these are modern doesn't mean they're not powerpop.
  • NONE of these bands are power pop. Not one! Where are Big Star, Cheap Trick, Weezer, The Posies, Matthew Sweet, The Rasperries, The Quick, 20/20, The Cars, NRBQ, Nazz, Teenage Fanclub, or hell, even The Knack or The Who, since they came up with the name in the first place?
  • Allstar weekend
  • +__+
  • A rocket to the moon <3
  • I hate kids
  • hey guys check this out my little band and give a comment :) http://www.myspace.com/bedtimestoriesrock
  • love this. makes me fell happy
  • Problem ?
  • mudrei you sad - "powerpop for gays" firstly you look like a gay!
  • errrr...what the hell? FTSK? metro station? the maine? breathe carolina? poor teenage fanclub would be ashamed if they fuckin' know 'bout this...
  • Where the fuck is Cheap Trick? They practically invented the genre. All I see in the top artists are emo-pop and crap that scene kids like
  • http://www.lastfm.ru/music/O!Prime O!PRIME <3 Russian powerpop\hip-hop\electro
  • I love PowerPop, but half of these aren't that lol.
  • [all time low iz more like punk.! and allstar weekend is more like GAYY.!</3]
  • XD, i ask myself where the power in this music is. sounds like the rest on the pop market. only pop thats kinda good is dream pop.
  • me encanta el powerpop
  • powerpop more like powerpoop
  • @AprilPhantom tl;dr


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