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  • hardwave rock from Heavy Static -
  • The Sensibles - Power Pop band from Italy Free download:
  • Awesome!
  • of power pop
  • I like songs like "What do all the people know" by The Monroes can you put up a torrent file thx
  • The acceptable face of pop.
  • where the fk are all those great 70s bands??? hipster junk here, again
  • Hey Power Pop Fans! Scottish Power Pop / Indie Pop band Aerial will be releasing a new record later this year. Listen to the last record at Stay tuned for more info at and on Twitter @aerial_band Thanks! Aerial
  • *-------------*
  • nDroae, that sounds more like "power pop metal."
  • wait, so this isn't what you call it when power metal bands go poppy?
  • Check out this new artist!
  • Weren't Sweet glam rock?
  • The Exploding Hearts should be up there.
  • Where the fuck is Sweet in the top 8?
  • lol @ what zoot_money said.I'm guessing they got their new wave sub categories mixed up?
  • Really, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THIS TAG. I tried to listen to the radio and some bands had more 80s synthethizers than A Flock of Fucking Seagulls.
  • I LOVE Big Star!
  • *_*
  • tem jeito de deletar "restart" dessa página? pqp [6] TÁ ME CONSTRANGENDO PORRA
  • Much better, but hello good bye (refuse to name them the other way) and we the kings are fucking godawful. I don't even like fountains of wayne, but that are at least power-pop.
  • tem jeito de deletar "restart" dessa página? pqp [5]
  • tem jeito de deletar "restart" dessa página? pqp [4]
  • Some of these are not power pop. Hopefully you can figure out which ones I'm talking about.
  • [artist]Badfinger[/artist].
  • @jackyboii That's right, BIG STAR MOTHERFUCKER.
  • hahahaah restart
  • wtf we the kings
  • tem jeito de deletar "restart" dessa página? pqp [3]
  • Cheap Trick not the top power pop band? Weird
  • tem jeito de deletar "restart" dessa página? pqp
  • What, greenday punk? lmao
  • Omg omg..plase dont tag these new bands power pop, they are not power pop.
  • Hellogoodbye.. powerpop... wait, what?
  • [] The Baudelaires [/url] , real power pop.
  • Бред какой то этот powerpop.Уже не знают чё придумать.
  • THE ADAMS from Indonesia!! all of you should check them out! they're so power pop! not like the fake-emo thing..
  • Hellogoodbye?! nunca será!
  • actually green day is neo-punk!!
  • "Green Day Is Power Pop" (О_0) ROLF XDDD [2]
  • Where are the Beatles? ??
  • "Green Day Is Power Pop" (О_0) ROLF XDDD
  • no gay emo punk bands shuld be on this list
  • omfg i can't find the who on the list.. -.- this is crazy.
  • They should have put the cars in the top 6.. and yeah weezer are powerpop(even though they are more into geek rock style) consider they are following the cars footsteps.
  • Yeah, terms like "power pop" and "pop punk" have been around longer than, dude...
  • ontheedge18, dude, this tags has been created cause the style has been created .. sorry for my crappy english. the powerpop exist as a style.
  • power pop , pop-punk .. wtf!? is with those tags :| what if i want to create a tag.. what if all will create a fuckin tag.. :| geez i'm so angry x_*
  • Green Day Is Power Pop


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