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  • Green Day Is Power Pop
  • 'Crisp' is the perfect adjective
  • hey power pop fans, you should check out "The Jingle Jangle Morning Show" on Its a weekly 2 hour, all power pop show out of New York!
  • Fun (Steel Train, Anathallo, The Format) is gonna take the power pop world by storm! Power pop legend Roger Manning Jr. even worked on their debut album! Be sure to download their free mp3 right here:
  • my favs BREATHE CAROLINA, they should totally b on the top artist fer sure
  • smtms it's hard for me to difference pop punk and power pop.. anyway for me hey monday is a power pop band too
  • One of my very favorite genres in Rock, yet its a label that too easily put on a lot of the undeserving. I mean youve got Alex Chilton, and Todd Rundgren, and Cheap Trick to contend with the former two are two of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century imho.
  • Paramore is Powerpop in my wikipedia opinion...
  • Don't forget The Rasperries "Overnight Sensation". The definitive Power Pop song. From OH but could be a British band.
  • Agreed, Rundgren and Big Star epitomise Power Pop for me. I think Hall and Oates, too.
  • Haha Power Pop is 1 "o" away from being Power Poop!
  • Dude how is todd rundgren not in the top 6,he is practically the king of power pop.
  • Weezer are extremely power pop. They're just a different era. Saying that they don't hold the same characteristics is ludicrous.
  • i think this tag is more appropriate than powerpop.
  • Big Star and Teenage Fanclub pretty much define power pop. Bands like the Posies, Jellyfish, Material Issue, Nick Lowe, New Pornographers and Franz Ferdinand are also some good examples of power pop, IMO.
  • weird... i seem to have a different understanding of power pop... i would put hellogoodbye, plastic operator and playradioplay on the top of the list here...
  • The Posies define(d) Power Pop
  • Weezer are so power-pop. It's okay to like it. Really.
  • Cheap Trick ftw
  • zoot alors are the best powerpop band in the land!
  • Weezer is Indie Rock, Big Star Is Power Pop. I really can't think of any band off the top of my head besides Big Star who I'd consider power pop...hmmm
  • Hey,check out my new song "Wake Me Up" if you want some new shit. Its energetic as hell. :) /Percy
  • I agree with RockOutMahn. If Surf Wax America isn't power pop, nothing is.
  • Weezer is 100% Alternative Rock or some type of rock...not Power Pop


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