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  • Better than Punk. [11]
  • Für alle deutschsprachigen Freunde des Post-Punk habe ich einen Blogeintrag geschrieben. Keine flache Werbung, sondern eine echte Auseinandersetzung mit Musiktipps:
  • Better than Punk. [10]
  • Dat black & white gallery doe. [2]
  • Dat black & white gallery doe.
  • Happy to announce that 13th Chime are on stage again! And their first international gig will be at [event=4126429]05.09 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia [/event]! Also you may see them at Return To The Batcave Festival in Poland in October =) Here is their interview for russian online radio (english):
  • Better than Punk. [9]
  • Better than Punk. [8]
  • A great list on spotify about the new wave. NEW WAVE (FROM 1974 TO 2015)
  • Better than Punk. [7]
  • Better than Punk. [6]
  • Could use some color.
  • Better than Punk. [5]
  • Better than Punk. [3]
  • Better than Punk. [2]
  • Better than Punk.
  • Free-to-download single from Shoegaze/Industrial tinged Post-Punk band
  • Siberian cold minimal waveŐ
  • download post-punk torrent
  • перспективные исполнители ни разу не перспективны
  • Молодёжно
  • Liga Fantasma from L.A.
  • Alpha Waves from Hamburg..
  • coldwavish post-punk
  • darkest shoegaze
  • Post-punk looks better in black&white! [2]
  • Bicha a senhora é destruidora mesmo viu viado?
  • This is XTR HUMAN - today's post-punk:
  • Post-punk looks better in black&white!
  • Joy Division>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.PUNK
  • Hello the band Self Alien Portrait invite your team to listen the album called Metaphysical timeline. FREE REPRODUCTION TOO. Join us on Facebook. All the songs are on Last Fm for free. Thank you Eloi Chad
  • dark shoegaze
  • Why the top artists have B&W photos ?
  • post-punk rules!
  • Talking Heads as the post-punk tag band pic? Post means 'after'. They predate punk. 'Proto-punk' is more like it.
  • Free to download EP:
  • White Lies!
  • @AprilPhantom stop saying some ignorant shit, will ya? I'm not saying U2 is post punk or whatever, you may not stand Bono but they were post punk in their first albums and no one can deny it. And I appreaciate Killing Joke and PIL as well.
  • well 2013 was a really cool year for post - punk, so many releases and new bands that fit into this genre: Soviet Soviet, Brandenburg, Lebanon Hanover, Neon Lights, Beastmilk and so on.. Of course there were some surprises from older bands like Little Nemo, The March Violets, UK Decay, Swans or New Model Army... And now I'm listening to Beastmilk and understand that I've discovered one more beautiful band. Yes, post - punk has completely changed compared to the 80s, but the result is not so disappointing. Hope to hear more post-punk in 2014 haha !
  • The best post-punk band in the world is XTR HUMAN!
  • Virgin Prunes, Alien Sex Fiend, Skeleton Family, Xmal Detchland, Siouxs….Birthday Party….this shit is real after punk yo and Bauhaus o/c
  • Great display of forbearance, AprilPhantom. Since when expressing an opinion (in a respectful way, mind you) warrants such antagonism?
  • Kaltenhoenn, go listen to more atmospheric black metal crap and leave the people with good tastes alone. People like you don't like Post-Punk cause it mixes an aggressive sound (Punk, not your precious trve metal) with Black or other Minority influences (Funk, Dub, Jazz, Krautrock, etc.), It's too minority for your pure European lunkhead growling over shite riffs diet.
  • even though post-punk revival is total shit, there are modern post-punk bands, look no further than groups like Liars, Mi Ami, A Frames, Oneida/Ex Models, TV Ghost, Pop. 1280, Metz, Women, The Drones, My Disco, and Disco Inferno. it still lives on in newer bands in sound, not wearing a fucking suit.
  • U2 fucking sucks, every post-punk group is better than them. even the smiths and I can't fucking stand the smiths. Listen to Metal Box and What's This For! and Solid Gold and 154 and Dub Housing and Slates or die. Post-Punk is best when it's weird and unpredictable, not when it's fucking Bono's stupid fucking grin up there.
  • Postpunk U2 is the best U2


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