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  • Fall Out Boy? What are those idiots doing here?
  • very good
  • So many people work under independent tags now that it's pointless to label them under a genre, unless of course you want to label more than half of the musicians active today under "indie" (which seems to be happening here anyway)
  • do matters really tag
  • well, indie rock exists, because there always was, are and will be people who play and RECORD rock music by their own.
  • do tags really matter
  • Shut up about indie rock. It doesn't exist anymore.
  • Strokes, Franz Ferdinand are not bleak enough to be post punk. And Indie Rock can't be an analogue of 80s New Wave 'cause 80s New Wave was dark music(as well as post-punk), and Indie Rock is bright music.
  • and if you think Franz is kind of 'too pop', well, what can I say? listen to New Order or Psychedelic Furs. All of them are post-punk, but nowadays we have Indie Rock as we had New Wave on the 80's.
  • well, Strokes, Franz, Interpol, Libertines is Post-punk too. But more kind of a Post-Punk revival, since they're more into Indie Rock, but still have the 'post-punk' sound and attitude.
  • why is franz ferdinand considered post-punk? that's about as pop-punk as you can get.
  • fall out boy?hahaha
  • Sumo its an argentinean band that must be in this list, their post punk s as pure as Joy Division's. have a look guys
  • fall out boy is good at what they do fuck you guys
  • FALL OUT BOY - I think that is much better if they really fall.... this way no one needs to hear more from them... :D:D
  • just forget about fall out boy more you hated it, more popularity they have gain
  • When it comes to Fall Out Boy no flaming is unnecessary. Break out the gasoline and mothballs.
  • fall out boys sucks.
  • fall out boy is not the best anything.
  • Hi, folks! Join new creepy group: http://www.lastfm.ru/group/THG+-+Trash+Horror+Group
  • "Fall Out Boy is post-HARDCORE" eeer, what do Fallout Boy share in common with Neurosis? Lots? Thanks for clearing that up :)
  • fala galera do mal
  • Fagcore with nu-jazz slowcore influences, IMO.
  • Post punk is Editors and Interpol, WTF is Fall Out Boy doing up there. They are under the genre "crap"
  • Just to point out post-punk is not a genre and not a subgenre either.
  • "Boy, that was hard. Now can we all get back to listening to Pink Flag and The Scream? " dumb people take pink flag and the scream "punk" are stupid, thats how people use "post-punk" tag today, to mean "good punk", thats all wrong...
  • (((S))) new album release: http://www.af-music.de/en/releases/afm046-s-ghost/ Free demo: http://www.af-music.de/download/47/ Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/fustydk Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/(((S)))
  • >>Shut the fuck up genre fags Damn, nice
  • OMFG FAGS TEH CURE ARE GOTHIC LISTEN TO ROBERT SMITH'S VOICE DON'T TAG SHIT AS POSTPUNK. <- There you go, I just successfully trolled in a less intelligent manner than anyone else here. Boy, that was hard. Now can we all get back to listening to Pink Flag and The Scream? Kthx.
  • um I was joking about fall out boy, and I'm pretty sure they're just pop rock (with teeny influences from punk, emo, hardcore, post-hardcore, whatever). Who said anything about evanescence?! Of course that's not post-punk. Also I didn't mean that anything could be post-punk, I just meant that its a label, and that it shouldn't be argued about so much, because it sort of developed in tandem with punk and many punk bands (and proto-punk) went on to be post-punk. Anyway, this tag seems to be fairly well applied tbh, so stop complaining everyone.
  • Fall Out Boy is post-HARDCORE. Evanescence is not post-punk. It's gothic pop. Amy Lee might be a pop-culture icon, but she's still using the goth aesthetics, no one can deny that. Sorry. Goth-pop. Post-punk was kind of a get-off-of punk thing. Bauhaus, kids. Bela Lugosi's Dead. Ever listen?
  • falllooooooutboooooooy are the best post-punk band so you can all shut your holes. Seriously though, when punk started, when it was first labeled, what demarcated the beginning of post-punk etc are interesting questions, but there are no absolute answers. Its all based on opinions and some historical evidence. Its not something anyone should argue about so stubbornly or fervently though.
  • lol
  • Shut the fuck up genre fags
  • you are an idiot. this is about LABELS and punk wasnt labeled so until 1977.
  • how does that make them post-punk? do you understand the meaning of adding "post" to the beginning of a word? You cant be post-punk before punk existed. Dont get your genre definitions from retarded last.fm. If it came from the original wave from around 1977 IT IS PUNK no matter what you think punk is supposed to sound like. If it came from the early 70s or before it is Proto-Punk. If it came after the first wave it is Post-Punk. Pere Ubu and Television started long before the first wave of what was first considered Punk.
  • Television are definately not Post-Punk. They were the first rock band to ever play CBGBs.
  • I consider Bauhaus to be both Goth and Post-Punk, to some extent. And that's just based on their sound. Television weren't Post-Punk, that's impossible. I don't know how you should tag them, but post-punk is wrong. Proto-indierock? New York-punk?
  • She wants revenge FTW
  • A few examples of bands that cant possibly be post-punk: Television, Pere Ubu, Roxy Music. Get your shit straight!
  • stop tagging proto-punk bands as post-punk. how the hell can they be post-punk before there was even punk?!!
  • Sad Lovers and Giants ;)
  • "and how can The Smiths be even post-punk?" - Because of public opinion, of course. P.S. Love thee style!
  • Пост-панк - лучшее, что есть в музыке.
  • Hard to say what influenced them really but songs like "The Passion Of Lovers", "In the flat field" and "Hollow Hills" feels to me like very inspired from litterature from the romantic area... I could go on.. And I did not mean that all their albums are influenced by romantic litterature. Bands that release alot of albums tends to change over time. Some of their songs feels very "bowie-like" to me. As I said all of these definitions are very vague, and there are gothic bands inspired from the nihilism as well as the existensialism. No need to be sorry. I do not take offence. Quite the opposit. I enjoy a discussion. Cheers!
  • Serbia rocks they dont know what is Zabranjeni program,Darkwood Dub i Onomatopeja ideja
  • I've finally found a new home for my post punk news blog. It is now at http://quaxle.com/postpunk/ - let me know what you think and do not hesitate to tell me your news about post-punk bands, both the originals and the current bands!
  • @snowinsummer, you got me ;p
  • Bearing in mind that New Order is Joy Division without Ian ;/


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