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  • Check out Island Of Skylines' new maxi-single teaser https://youtu.be/mmhegUqM_nk
  • How can I listen this tag? -_- I want to listen post-hardcore!
  • and theres also Alexisonfire, At the Drive-In and Thrice, theyre all great too
  • Well at least there's Fugazi in the top
  • ADTR and Fugazi really don't sound all that different from each other
  • Sealed Our Fate are badass! Post-hardcore with a unique twist, and a mix of vocals! Definitely check them out, they're even playing with Chelsea Grin this year :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJuPU36ZVoE
  • give Tape Eater a chance. it's heavy. https://tape-eater.bandcamp.com
  • "Mind that there is more than one band named "Torchbearer" " so does that mean people that listen to the hardcore band also listens to the melodeath band and call that one post-hardcore?
  • "Am I the only one who enjoys 90s post hardcore?" nope there's loads of us! There should totally be a distinction made between new and old hardcore. It's just confusing.
  • Am I the only one who enjoys 90s post hardcore?
  • The first Post Hardcore bands were from the eighties. AA is newschool. @JamesPhilips70
  • Mind that there is more than one band named "Torchbearer"
  • I like how [artist]Torchbearer[/artist] songs are tagged as post-hardcore lulz.
  • https://humanfuture.bandcamp.com/ Our debut album, 'Spectrum', is available to download for free and vinyl can be ordered from http://www.holyroarrecords.com/categories/truthseeker
  • I just checked now and apparently it's a tag people actually use. High five me
  • Definitely has as little to do with metal as it does hardcore. Glamcore?
  • MHB458 is completely right. "Post-hardcore" nowadays doesn't have anything to do with the bands that coined the genre back in the '80s and '90s. ANYTHING. Post-hardcore revival wouldn't work either. What name can be used for this trending mix of pop-punk, breakdowns, harsh vocals and synths? Pop-metal?
  • v he's right though
  • "they lack clean singing, techno, low tunings, breakdowns - they are fundamentals things that make good post hardcore," I WANT THIS FRAMED, HOLY SHIT
  • I honestly feel like 80's post hardcore (Fugazie, Rites of Spring, Jawbox, Husker Du, etc.) should be considered separate from modern day post hardcore (At the Drive-In, Silverstein, Chiodos). Just like how late 70's/early 80's post punk (Wire, Joy Division, The Cure, Public Image Ltd. etc.) are considered separate from post punk revival (Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, etc.) Maybe Post Hardcore Revival could be a better term?
  • @JamesPhillips70 You're just like everybody else. You're entitled to your own opinion, you are in no position to pass upon judgement to these bands you named basing your personal opinions. Now, you're just plainly being childish. I don't see how you can afford to act like you're "holier than thou" just because you think you have a much better music taste than most people... considering the fact you have 15 scrobbled songs of Justin Bieber in your profile like AloPunk said but who am I to judge?
  • melancholic/hardcore/punk/emotional/melodic/screamo . l e a v e s : > > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERi9mCYCODY > > > https://www.facebook.com/leaveshc > > > http://leaveshc.bandcamp.com
  • nobody is stopping you from listening to your Post-Hardcore bands, i like Thrice, Thursday, Glassjaw and Alexisonfire, you like Escape the Fate, Falling In Reverse, Confide etc. just because Fugazi is on the top artists doesnt mean that anyone is shoving it down your throat, if you dont like Fugazi thats fine with me but there are people who do and are passionate fans of the band and thats how Fugazi got up there, at least thats how i see it, i cant speak on behalf of all Fugazi fans but i know that im happy seeing Fugazi as a top artist because it makes me know that there are other Fugazi fans around here who i share the same taste as. also i dont know where you live man, but where im at everybody knows Alexisonfire and listens to them, also i know quite a few people in my guitar club at my school who listen to Fugazi, theyre still relevant in their own way at least where i live
  • @AloPunk eh, fair enough
  • @AloPunk not always true, some genres are more broad than others, take a look at Progressive Rock, it sounded quite different when it first came out. old school Prog Rock bands like King Crimson and Pink Floyd sound almost nothing like Tides of Man and The Mars Volta but yet theyre all put on the same boat. certain genres have more wiggle room and i see no reason why Alexisonfire, Thrice and Fugazi cant all be a part of the same genre, though Asking Alexandria are Metalcore and A Day To Remember are Pop Punk with Metalcore influences so i have no idea why theyre still on here
  • just like most genres the labels get all screwed up because of little 13 year olds who think asking alexandria is post-hardcore. this genre is probably the worst i've seen though. horribly misunderstood. how is it that people think that enter shikari, at the drive-in and asking alexandria sound like the same kind of music is beyond me. only one of those bands is post-hardcore by the way.
  • @Sanity_Theorist as Post-Hardcore evolved through the years it got more and more melodic sounding and less raw sounding, compare the likes of Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Moss Icon, Quicksan, Jawbox and Unwound to the likes of Thrice, Blindside, Thursday, Glassjaw, Finch, Saosin (with Anthony Green) and Alexisonfire to the likes of A Day to Remember, Saosin (with Cove Reber), Sleeping With Sirens, Falling In Reverse Black Veil Brides and Escape the Fate. basically Post-Hardcore started to slowly evolve into a more melodic and poppy genre, still theres a few good bands to come from the modern Post-Hardcore scene like Dance Gavin Dance, letlive and Hail the Sun
  • It's sad see how this tag is used in shitty pop bands. Where the fuck are The Nation of Ulysses, Drive Like Jehu? And why asking alexandria next to fugazi and at the drive-in [4]????
  • So what the fuck happened to this genre? It went from Thrice and Blindside to A Day to remember type bands...just how does that happen!?
  • lol asking alexandria next to fugazi and at the drive-in [3]
  • still holding out for that asking alexandria van flip.
  • Emo by another name
  • http://www.lastfm.ru/music/eeden?ac=eeden
  • сука обидно за тег
  • Post-Hardcore: A distracting misnomer for Emo/Screamo.
  • lol asking alexandria next to fugazi and at the drive-in [2]
  • gays
  • It's okay fellow true post-hardcore heads, the people that listen to asking alexandria, bmth and blessthefall can't possibly be over 16. they still have time to learn... right?
  • @bobo Yes, fat jokes aimed at skinny people will surely take off. Also, you don't have to be fat to know it's unhealthy... Fat people, do not choose this guy as your spokesperson.
  • lol asking alexandria next to fugazi and at the drive-in
  • imo the best era of Post-Hardcore was around the late 90s-2005 with bands like Thrice, Thursday, FATA, Glassjaw, Finch, Alexisonfire etc. i do enjoy the original first-era Post-Hardcore bands and a few of the more modern ones, but just not as much
  • Don't Wanna Sound like a Jerk, but, the late 80's and 90's bands sound so much better, all that Alternative Metal/Post-Hardcore Bands like Helmet, Fugazi, Mark Of Cain, Refused and At The Drive-In, actual bands are kind of 'meh..." for me, some of they sound really good, but some others just look like generic drugs
  • not exactly the newest bands out there but the closest i can think of to those bands are The Blood Brothers, Fear Before the March of Flames, Glassjaw and Showbread
  • @ look-a-ghost: ya, I've listened to them.
  • They're not new but I recommend Unwound.


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