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  • gaygrind music when ?
  • Hahahahahah Florian Silbereisen ist auch getaggt, ich krieg mich ned mehr :D
  • Just tried some porngrind -
  • "Neo-Suburban Christian Glam Rap" I'm lost for words. That "genre" is ridiculous.
  • Mexxxican Porngrind
  • Justin Bieber is more talented than these fags
  • What a bunch of whiners in this shoutbox
  • This is my favorite genre I'd have to say, having met some small time pornogrind/ cybergrind/ goregrind, etc. artists I can say, that most of the people that make pornogrind are nothing more then fans of the genre. It's a genre nearly devoid of "rock stars".
  • "Horrorcore and crunk are far worse than pornogrind." Horrocore is amazing, Insane Clown Posse are not horrorcore, they're Neo-Suburban Christian Glam Rap. Crunk is also amazing, if you listen to the right artists. I will agree that Porngrind eclipses those two genres though; porngrind bands place much more emphasis on lyricism than horrocore bands, and the rhythm sections are much catchier and easier to dance to than crunk.

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