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  • "cyrus is pop.pop is love. cyrus is love" actually should be something like God is love ->pop is love-> Miley Cyrus is pop->Miley Cyrus is God.
  • if youre in this join our moody group " Music was my first love and it will be my last " greets yours lexi
  • The first version of this wiki has an intention to lead massive amount of listeners into confusion. IMO, the best definition for pop music is the first sentence in this [url=]Wikipedia article[/url]. Also, there is a difference between pop and these two examples: [artist]Red Hot Chili Peppers[/artist] belong to the [tag]mainstream[/tag] on LastFM, while Shapeshifters' old [track artist=Shapeshifters]Lola's Theme[/track] charts well in the local dance club.
  • bastard Huahuahuahua
  • now, THIS tag is broad ... "a defining characteristic of pop music is that anyone is able to enjoy it" : this is definitely NOT a definition, because how can we know that "anyone" is able to enjoy a kind of music ... does it include YOU ? ... ME ? ... bobbie mc ghee ? -- anyone who does NOT enjoy MOZART ???
  • cyrus is pop.pop is love. cyrus is love
  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... *gasp*... ha ha ha similar to bastard... (ha ha)
  • LOL similar to [tag]bastard[/tag]
  • Similar to: bastard ahahahaha :D
  • said the weasel.
  • Whoever wrote this article apparently has never listened to [artist]RURUTIA[/artist], [artist]Freezepop[/artist], or [artist]Björk[/artist] before.
  • Popular music makes my world go round O_O
  • Pop is love
  • Hot pop.
  • sdfghsjhjghjghjghj


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