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  • fuck nato, fuck cia, fuck the real terrorists
  • Expected Lupe Fiasco. WHERE THE FUCK IS LUPE FIASCO?
  • [url=]Slovak Hip-Hop group[/url]
  • It's a good point
  • "political": retards shouting "Fuck the system we're so rebels" are not making political music.
  • RATM stil the worst. [2]
  • Punk Rock! Please Listen or Watch
  • This is music !
  • RATM still the best.
  • Seems that rap is where its at these days for biting, angry political songs:
  • U2 ???
  • @Chestnakov -1/10 not even mad
  • hilarious.
  • That's cool. But where's Justin Bieber or Selena?
  • Check out this fab anti-Bush song:
  • ratm
  • Yeah, where the fuck is Bono?
  • The list has NPR in it's top 50 for political...that should describe the tag as a whole. LOL.
  • where's Megadeth and Napalm Death?
  • kd.
  • Cock.
  • Where's propagandhi ???
  • maybe dying fetus should be here too
  • Rage against the Machine! Bad Religion! System of a Down!
  • [url=]hi[/url] ... [url=]free music[/url] an album being sold for bail money will be available soon 0.o
  • pierdolenie
  • Where's Bob Dylan?[2]
  • Political music: what has it actually done?
  • Where's Bob Dylan?
  • Rage Against the fuckin' machine...
  • [group]Leftist Music[/group]
  • What the fuck Pink, The offspring and sum 41? Wheres megadeth??? RATM, SOAD, anti flag and bad religion are all great bands though.
  • Immortal Technique.
  • where's megadeth and ministry? ps: RATM is awesome :D
  • the clash
  • Hazel O'Connor.
  • все плохо
  • Дядя Юра Шевчук
  • because you touch yourself at night
  • Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs, and Pete Seeger. <3
  • Molotov Solution is still my favorite Political band ;)
  • Everything is political. Everything must be political. [3]
  • Please listen to it....I am against political songs
  • rage and dead kennedys
  • Tags aren't genres.
  • this isn't a genre
  • Everything is political. Everything must be political. [2]


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