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  • Fail tag [8]
  • Avenged Sevenfold? Perfect? *facepalm*
  • WAT [2]
  • Fail tag [7]
  • is John Mayer really perfect? like, honestly?
  • Dido, yes
  • Related tags: "camp rock" WAT
  • "Nothing more needs to be said." Oh goodness.
  • Elaborate joke, or do Glee, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna fans really go around tagging this music 'perfect', so much more than fans of any other music?
  • ugh I was expecting something better.
  • Lmao, Rihanna and Glee. [2] fail tag [6]
  • what a mess
  • Lmao, Rihanna and Glee.
  • Theres a band called "Nobunny", also an "Unbunny" and there used to be an "Unband", but there is still no band called "Nobody"? Need No Body!
  • "Nothing more needs to be said" = songs tagged "perfect" should have empty shoutboxes
  • fail tag [5]
  • lol
  • fail tag [4]
  • 30 seconds to mars...haha...hahaha....HAHAHAHAHAHA
  • fail tag [3]
  • lol
  • fail tag [2]
  • Where is Eluveitie?
  • There should be a band called Nobody. [2]
  • fail tag
  • MUSE!
  • owl city what the crap?
  • Owl City, fail
  • "Perfect" "Eminem" fail tag
  • perfectly imperfect
  • Eminem... Perfect? NO.
  • There should be a band called Nobody.

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