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  • "as bad as glam metal" - that's fucking stupid thought.
  • Hey, check out the new Nodding Sky track "Hukka" - For the fans of Moonsorrow, early Amorphis and Primordial
  • If a metal band sings about a pagan religion I don't see why saying it's "pagan metal" is wrong lol
  • metal is metal, religion is religion. Your guys are so retard.
  • maramorana: Are you stupid?
  • Pagan metal music
  • muslims, why do you bother yourself searching by tag ''pagan metal'' if you don't even listen to it?
  • What a stupid thing to say. Go listen to more Motley Crue.
  • as bad as glam metal.
  • Pagan metal Fest in Saint-Petersburg
  • No Remorse No Retreat are a five piece band based in England/Wales.Formed in 2006/7. Initially as a side project with members from three other bands ,it has taken on a life of its own.Thier music is British Heavy metal which croses several genres, such as NWOBHM,early thrash,early death and even punk.Thier lyrics are battle/pagan/war inspired along the lines of Manowar etc. They have released two full length albums “TO GLORY WE RIDE”2008 which was stripped back old school metal and “WARBRINGER”2009 a much heavier album.Both were released on Ironage Records( have also appeared on covermount cds of the magazines Terrorizer,Zero Tolerence,Legacy/ Pagan Fire(Germ),Rock Tribune(Belg)
  • Alisa- why even watch this page? You don't belong.
  • Related tags '' lithuanian metal'' \m/
  • Philippo10 : You are brainwashed! Idiot -_-
  • Visit Fimbultyr here: and like it for a free download of our demo as well as updates and information //Christofer of Fimbultyr
  • Like my facebook page:
  • .....and brainwashed people and their religion!
  • Allahu akbar [2]
  • Yo Mama hu akbar
  • Jesus akbar
  • ut0
    Allahu akbar
  • El islam es una mierda pinchada en un palo. FUCK ISLAM.
  • if you like rock and tolkien lord of the rings visit
  • Islam is the only true religion
  • - webdesign for metal bands :)
  • A lot of pagan stuff makes for cool songs and stories, but thats it for me.
  • Join in my group on facebook "Natural music":
  • @PhoebeSM Oh, you felt dirty?? thats a pity -.-
  • Este es el sonido que estaba buscando!!
  • It really bothers me that "nsbm" is part of this tag (didn't know what it was until I clicked on the tag, felt dirty when I did). Fuck racists.
  • Moody and melodic metal with a progressive flow and harsh vocals. Melancholy with cutting edge - Nodding Sky from Finland: !
  • still getting your ass kicked by christians?
  • Why is Bathory not the top artist?
  • я щас сдохну: Аркона в двух экземплярах лучших исполнителей представлена и она же перспективная!
  • у меня так исус от паганизма умер
  • We need to return to Paganism! [3]
  • I find the idea of an aweful bearded dude riding on clouds inducing thunder by smashing giants in the face with a hammer to contain the same amount of nonsense like that of a zombie who is his own father who could turn water into wine.
  • go figure, a "god" discussion on a Pagan Metal page. I'm no pagan, I'm no Christian, I'm an Atheist. I just like Pagan Metal, a similar genre to my favorite, VIKING METAL!
  • Actually turning water into wine is not so bad.
  • I hope you guys realize that I was being totally fucking sarcastic.
  • "pagan fears." - [user]WasNotWhyNot[/user] NO YOU!
  • A new music video from Brymir
  • it is only paganism if youre xtian
  • pagan fears.


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