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  • Over 55 minutes long
  • Built by 79 idiots.
  • fucking disgusting.
  • It's not a totally useless tag, it's just made very redundant by the fact that there are a fuckload of songs longer than 5 minutes
  • :)
  • ...
  • Another retarded tag made by retarded people.
  • 5 minutes is not long lol
  • Тег ни о чём.
  • Tags describe the characteristics of songs and if some people think this is a characteristic worth to mention then there is nothing to whine about.[2] ~~~~~~~~~~ But I'm kind of glad they do because it is fun to see what useful tags THEY've used(or not). If they added 'imho' it might not seem so whiney, imho. I notice most posters are quite young too. btw I like this one

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