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  • It is delight to announce Autharktos´ brand new issue Hellanschauung is out now. It continues to trudge across the landscapes of psycho-acoustic, drone, experimental electronic, noise, ambient, found sound, sound-art, glitched-out seeds, improvised music and many more compartments. These sounds are permeated with "errors", "dysfunctional" elements as flipsides of the artist`s playfulness and irony. As with previous albums so far the release can be downloaded at following sites:
  • all of the artists in this tag seem really honest. idk, i like this tag radio.
  • you're an outsider, when you're trying so hard to be one of them, but they don't want to be affiliated with you. so in other words, when you want me to listen to your music and i refuse, only then you become a true outsider.
  • People you can never claim to be an outsider, is ridiculous. To be an outsider you should first be totally unaware of being one. If you do it on purpose you are weird, not outsider music. There is difference. [2] : And yet, it continues. This shoutbox is all people saying, "Check out my music, I'm an outsider!"
  • Alternative, Non-mainstream, Lo-fi and Home Recorded Tunes Presented in a Mixcloud Radio Show by Bristol Lo-fi artist, Master Harker
  • old release, almost all of the tracks, a complete shit, but, maybe you hear something interesting in this recordings, i hope so and of course a free download!
  • People you can never claim to be an outsider, is ridiculous. To be an outsider you should first be totally unaware of being one. If you do it on purpose you are weird, not outsider music. There is difference.
  • noise/dark-abmient/drone/experimental/weird/weird/weird/weird
  • outsider (for lack of a better word/description)
  • Great outsider music! Wow!
  • ddh2112, Anybody trying to be strange is not an outsider.
  • London James has way too few listens for his commitment:
  • [url=]Zac Vann[/url] -there are tons of free mp3s of the freak folk variety there. Here's some [url=]moving picture[/url] thangs.
  • [artist]Farrah Abraham[/artist]
  • dream poperz
  • twillwave, the shaggs are outsiders because they have never listened to music before. Their father wouldn't allow it. And yeah, they didn't want to play.
  • I recommend everyone check out Dj-Tumu89.
  • NEW EP
  • Hey, Syncopaint: I totally agree that performers who are "weird" on purpose (not that that's bad) should be classified as experimental rather than outsider, but I think the "outsider" label is a little more broadly applicable than you suggest. I think it should probably apply to people who have some circumstances or challenges in their life that, in most people's worldview, would prevent the creation of music. Mental illness can certainly be one such challenge, but there are lots of others I can think of. Being younger than 10, being homeless, certain physical disabilities, etc. The important thing is that these performers use "limitations" by which others might be silenced to create new sounds -- the music has in some sense to be *about* the obstacles barring the way to its own creation -- and these obstacles can't be voluntarily chosen. But take The Shaggs: "normally functioning" people who are outsiders primarily because they didn't really want to play music, and you can hear it.
  • This tag makes perfect sense if it is referring to musicians unable to relate to the world who have taught themselves music as a creative outlet. It is a musical version of outsider art. This tag should be reserved for the insane. Experimental, noise, alternative, psychedelic, these are all tags that describe a normally functioning human who makes "strange" music. Outsider should be reserved for those who are stuck in that "strange" mode of thought. How else can I listen to certifiable maniacs without being tricked into listening to pretend maniacs? What would be the point?
  • lolol daniel johnston wtf
  • i would say it give a big difference to be an outsider or to be independent! i mean for me an outsider musician are also an outsider in life and when i saw some of the cool hip indie guys which had no problems in life and something like daniel johnston a compare is really arrogant...
  • maybe when you like outsider stuff:
  • this is all i listen to lately
  • Really, most listenable tag radio I've come across.
  • Its like im really in a room with 10,000 billy macks
  • нахуй инди! да здравствует аутсайдный андеграунд! freak out of q babys
  • @loomedloop this was long before alternative even so, you could play this on a modern alt radio and scare the fuck out of people
  • Stay gold
  • Ололо! Чертовски верная политика.
  • 'outsider' and 'indie' don't mean anything significant anymore, but in the same spirit people really need to quit using the word 'hipster'. not everyone who listens to stuff like this is a walking stereotype
  • silly tag but at least better than 'indie'. Now that is a stupid tag...
  • Uaaaj?!
  • pony boy
  • indeed

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