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  • Magic melodies!
  • There are many northern European bands tagged as oriental metal....smh
  • I love Kartikeya, but how are they oriental metal? They take influence from Indian folk, not Middle-Eastern or Arabic (except for maybe the violin parts.) Either way, Orphaned Land and Myrath are amazing.
  • As islamic metal is a subgenre of oriental metal
  • Narjahanam
  • The best are Ayat, Damaar, Nervecell, Bilocate, Scarab, Nightchains, Saracens, Arkan, Narjahanam, Al-Namrood, Smouldering in Forgotten, Kimaera, Oath To Vanquish, Nokturnal Forest, Cerebral Mutilation, Nekroforest, Thamud, Whoredom and Azaroth...
  • I love that genre! It's so amazing! Never thought there's something like that, which combines the heavy guitars with the oriental rhythm and lyrics in Arabic. I am eternally in love with it!
  • A various artists album called Oriental Metal Compilation is released tomorrow, for those interested in buying albums and checking out new bands.
  • (rock)
  • v Sarcasm. No racism. :P

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