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  • 144 DISCOS COJONUDOS December 21, 2014 144 discos esenciales de la música popular (rock, blues, jazz, pop, reggae…). El criterio seguido es completamente subjetivo y si crees que falta alguno me lo dices. Si pones la lista en modo aleatorio hace las funciones de radio.
  • Pop-rock history: 50s. A spotify playlist at:
  • Good music can't be estimated by time! It's immortal!
  • Most nonsensical tag in existence...
  • recordar es volver a vivir
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  • love it
  • golden
  • Peace and Love People
  • @Octaviobanake First Black artists to make records were in the 1890s (see: Unique Quartet and a few others)...though I admit that recordings by Black artsts did not become common until the success in the 1920s by Okeh Records and similar record labels.
  • Immer wieder gute Musik !!
  • Oldies is not a so good tag: you can have here Music from the Cenozoic Era till the 90's Music :s
  • Did you know there are still some of us left who grew up with this kind of music that actually make any sense at all?
  • theres always time for the oldies :)
  • In the old days, just white people were aloud to do music.
  • tags such as this that don't describe the music whatsoever should never be used
  • Old is a state of mind... which makes modern music from about the 90s onward almost nothing but oldies. [2]
  • All of the top artists are white people... shame on you all.
  • So, what is music made in 1900-1955 called? I'm claiming Tempo Doeloe ^_^
  • ah... the usual closed-minded "this is an awful stupid tag" people, seriously, get a life. [3]
  • \/ agreed with you. please, don't delete this comment. it makes so much sense.
  • At least 'Oldies' is a legitimate radio format, making this tag more useful than "ALBUMS I OWN," a tag which angers me to the point of strongly wanting to urinate in its users' mouths. Unless they would enjoy that, in which case it would lose its punitive aspects. I don't even know why I left this comment.
  • I hate this tag with fiery passion.
  • Old is a state of mind... which makes modern music from about the 90s onward almost nothing but oldies.
  • casual
  • Completely worthless tag.
  • Ай лайк ит)
  • love xxx!!!
  • love xx
  • Oldies to me is: 50s music in general 60s pop 60s pop rock 60s R&B
  • cant wait to be an oldie!
  • Oldies but goldies (:
  • The Oldies,show must go on!!!
  • v true
  • it's a bit random tagging everything that is over than 50 or 40 years old as "oldie" because otherwise we could tag Michael Jackson or Queen or Marvin Gaye in 10 years time....
  • 15 years ago? something from 1995 isn't an "oldie" [5] I see it as a broad genre of rock and pop songs from 50s and 60s, just as Classic Rock is and always going to encompass popular rock music from 60s 70s and early - mid 80s. Nirvana will never be classic rock or an oldie
  • justin bieber is an oldie
  • <3
  • I like the "oldies" , it's was the time of very large cars, Jazz, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley...
  • "20 years later, Rebecca Black dies a semen-soaked death in someone's basement. On a Tuesday, no less." ROFL.
  • thanx for this tag, god:3
  • 20 years later, Rebecca Black dies a semen-soaked death in someone's basement. On a Tuesday, no less.
  • 20 years later Rebecca Black is gonna be tagged with this.
  • Fail tag.
  • :-D
  • In the end, everything is going to end up under this tag.
  • 15 years ago? something from 1995 isn't an "oldie" [4]
  • i dig the artists but with this tag the beatles, the temptations, nirvana, and slayer are all in the same category... uhhhhh
  • This tag is ridiculous and offensive.


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