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  • hitlerious
  • This is, huh... wow!
  • sick racist losers
  • the pinnacle of the genre.
  • "raises the head of mankind to the skies and leads us across the Universe" Heh, Universe aside - let's get back to perishable land that I "worship" so much. Humanity already did it's best to pollute the whole planet for the sake of globalisation and money making:[url=]air[/url], [url=]land[/url], [url=]water[/url], and even [url=]space[/url], and the problem is growing. We have billions of primitive, hungry and totally useless people on Earth. Humanity doesn't know how to hanlde one planet, but you keep talking about space, that we've already started to pollute. Infantile and ephemeral position, nothing more to say.
  • "the mix of cultures" you're fond of distorting terms, that's expectable. Mix of complementary cultures (traditional european cultures, for example) or races (Baltic and Dinaric, for example) provides nothing wrong, in that case we can talk about mutual enrichment and natural ways. While mixing the non complementary races and cultures gives us nothing but degeneration and a melting pot of grey masses without any identity and uniqueness, and that's just what your multicultural world is about. "simple phenotype" It's obvious that centuries of hard work and struggle for existance means nothing to you, and yes - it's a degeneration.
  • "I can be proud about my music for example, but never that I was born in Austria" As I said, Protector makes rather mediocre and expected statements. Being proud of your ancestry means to respect, defend and enrich the legacy of your forefathers. Generations of our ancestors built civilisations, conquered territories, created culture, defended bloodline and tradition in numerous wars. National and racial pride is not only a pride of your history, but also a great responsibility - because you must do your best to match. 'Respect, defend, create' - a fundamental principle. It has nothing to do with your primitive "if one has nothing to be proud of - he starts to be proud of his ancestry" leftwing conceptions. Being proud of your ancestry means to preserve the fundamental values and provide their further expansion. Also, I'm sure that Protector is really prrroud of a great amount of muslim immigrants building ghettos and mosques in Europe.
  • Once again, you're refusing to take a research into consideration just because: 1. People behind it deny leftwing censoprship; 2. They dare to have an unpopular politically incorrect opinion. "Besides, I proved otherwise" You proved the obvious: some scientific researches are financed by concerned sides. [url=]And lefties are not an exception[/url].
  • "Predatory periodicals" oh lol, you're not even trying to hide the fact, that you approve an open censorship. And after that you keep talking about impartiality and absence of political engagement. [url=]Total hypocrisy under the mask of presentable and reasonable position[/url]. And yeah, I've already got your point, that when science supports your political views - it's an official, respectable and impartial, but if it doesn't coincide with your worldview - it suddenly becomes [url=]PSEUDOSCIENCE[/url] and conspiracy theory. Also, it's pretty hilarious that you've started (with boo hoo, wiki-links) with accusing me of looking towards confirmation bias, and now you're searching for "skeptical analysis" to feel less discomfort because of my links. Very demonstrative, I'd say.
  • All this peer-review hysteria is hilarious. Just try to get it people, we have a pure scientific approach here: someone makes a research, suggesting something that our impartial [url=]liberal censorship[/url] doesn't approve at all. What an average leftie should do, to overcome the discomfort (how dare this conservative retard to exist with his intolerant opinion!)? Right kids, just say the magical form "No peer-review, doesn't count!" and you can continue to live safely in your imaginary world full of equality and rainbow unicorns. You just continue to ingeminate that without passing a politically engaged censorship the research isn't scientifically validated, bringing here, oh lol, "skeptical analysis" full of "you know, I think their arguments are pretty rhetorical" stuff. Now that's what we call SCIENTIFIC nowadays, kids.

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