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  • stfu emo.
  • Emo and pop punk are punk, those are tainted terms too, most of what is labeled as emo isn't emo to begin with. And Rancid sucks is usually negative punk points, not plus punk points.
  • The key thing is actually people are labelling emo and pop-punk bands as punk rock.
  • "does not conform to the “punk” sound, ideology, image, or other “punk” qualification" Key word here is conform, people. I guess any band that isn't wearing the nonconformist uniform of Converse shoes, a mohawk, and a Rancid shirt from Hot Topic isn't punk.
  • gallows? WTF?
  • blink-182 is here but what about Sum 41 and Green Day?
  • I tag things tagged punk I tag not punk that is tagged punk but not punk,,
  • @Yi_Sun-sin yes, indeed, I used it only for GD.. I like 'em but I don't think they're punk at all.

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