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  • sls
    scenesters are like hipsters but with bad music
  • funny how samiam is pretty close to real emo and it is considered not emo lol
  • wait these are some of the same bands in the emo tag FAIL.
  • I love this tag.
  • This stuff is like...rock, pop punk, post-hardcore, and other stuff that isn't actually emo but gets called emo. Emo is stuff like SDRE
  • I don't know, this stuff looks pretty emo
  • can someone direct me to some emo bands? i need to tag them as not disco
  • Miles Davis? you better believe he's not emo
  • you've got the right idea marshall. Wu-Tang Clan: not emo
  • Wouldn't this tag have pretty much everything that's not emo? Like Megadeth or Iron Maiden or even fucking One Direction?

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