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  • Alcest imo
  • Cradle were black metal in 1993/1994 :)
  • What about Justin Bieber?
  • Troll tag.
  • Ulver IS black metal you fucks (used to be actually, but still).
  • CoF for spot no 1 [4]
  • I can not believe some of these bands are here, others are belong here, DIVINATION OF THE DAMNED IS BLACK METAL and we seek vengeance on the one who put us here and vengeance for all those who do not deserve to be here either, it's a small town where we live and I know how to find a rat...
  • CoF for spot no 1 [3]
  • Why aren't Dimmu and Cradle the top bands?
  • why the FUCK is venom here

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