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  • Ainda continuo recebendo propagandas apesar de comprar uma assinatura anual, dita, sem publicidade. Entrei numa fria?
  • hardwave rock from L.A. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4ZB0VGZfLE
  • Is it just me or else `cause when i listen to this tаg i feel myself like gay. And I like it.
  • Fanastik.
  • love this musical era! [3]
  • listed here are lots of bands i would never class as new romantic. Duran Duran, Visage, Human League, Japan, Spandau Ballet (at least "to cut a long story short") for sure, but most of the others are simply 80's scene bands who have nothing whatsoever to do with the New Romatic scene. which ever of you dressed up like freaks to go out and wear your allegiance on your sleeve? (so to speak). you that did this know what i'm talking about, (hint to the rest, it's not Kajagoogoo or Howard Jones)(and as much as i like them, also not Soft Cell or OMD either), and those of you that were at Blitz club... kudos, you were the scene starters... thanks to you for being so fucked up/the futuristic instigators
  • Lovely and Splendid
  • No music was better. [2]
  • No music was better.
  • Amazing because it was true...formed from clubs and dress and music and attitude. Unlike the made up 'New Wave'
  • amazing part of the 80s...glad I was a teen by early 80s
  • love this musical era! [2]
  • my parents love this, good music indeed
  • check this out www.syntronix.co.uk :)
  • My youth !
  • lindUU
  • love this musical era!
  • Yummy! ^__^
  • love it! love it all, wish I was around back in the early 80s at the blitz club haha
  • My new musical project - Silicium Mind... Hi, everybody! I want to demonstrate project in genre of synth pop... New electronic project from international bandmembers (Russia&France)! Check it out this musical stuff... http://www.reverbnation.com/siliciumminds More http://townshadows.narod.ru/dance/silicium_minds
  • omd, visage, duran duran, spandau ballet, a flock of seagulls, the human league, abc, haircut 100, heaven 17, adam and the ants, ultravox, blancemange, japan, the buggles, landscapes, depeche mode, dead or alive, altered images, tears for fears, yazoo. What more can i say some of the best music in the world.
  • new romantic powa!
  • :-)
  • The best.
  • Nice!
  • my current phase in music discovery
  • great
  • Be First To Discover [artist]X: THC[/artist] [album artist=X: THC]X: The Human Condition[/album] Brand new on Last FM, X: THC dresses in all-white and puts on a live show that harkens back to the new romantics... vocals have been compared to Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and ABC... Please comment, tag and share, because we are just starting out and need your support...:) Thanks!
  • Yeah The UK Knows Music Better Then Any One.
  • yup amazing <3
  • Oh yeeeeahhh baby , one of my favorite genres My tops: Depeche Mode, Dead or Alive, Adam ant <3
  • la classe totale
  • Why aren't Dead or Alive on here?!
  • Why is Ministry in the top artists list?
  • Looove. <3
  • What is new romantic?
  • New Romantics = the best

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