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  • I miss this.
  • tied w/ electroclash for best indie music of 00s
  • The rest of these don't seem as dark as CC
  • New Rave where did you go, please come back :,(
  • klaxons <3
  • Crystal Castles & Klaxons <3
  • New Rave foi uma típica pirado do humor inglês contada pelo site NME...
  • the best
  • i almost miss 2007. RIP, new rave.
  • CC :D !
  • crystal castles does it offend you and klaxons <3
  • BBC!
  • Crystal castles are the best.
  • Crystal castles, of course
  • Crystal castles are awesome!
  • CC!
  • This was a horrible genre and i'm sincerly glad that it's almost dead. Dragging the word Rave in the mud is not okay in my book.
  • russian new rave
  • lol
  • Fuck you, Hadouken! haters [2]
  • Metronomy new rave :B
  • Klaxons & Datarock!
  • rest in peace
  • @cateater I don't think so... :/
  • @kangu: because they're better? :D
  • Dead genre is dead
  • what the hell is going on here? aren't klaxons the "creators" of this genre? why are Hadouken! in front of them?
  • This tag is soooo 2006. All the cool kids (like me) are listening to New New Rave.
  • no manhood - no problem
  • OMFG Lady Gaga new rave
  • fake tag but useful, I know these artist ain't worth to listen
  • este s el mejor genero desde los años dpsmiles
  • "i said hey ayy we got another whitesnake tonight" late of the pier rocks everyone else!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why the fuck is Lady Gaga's album under "recently added"?
  • So many skinny jeans...
  • indeed
  • hipsters
  • Unfuckinable Klaxons! *_______* Good Late Of The Pier *___* Not Bad Shitdisco *_* Shitty Crystal Castles ^_^ Awful Hadouken! @_@
  • WTF? HADOUKEN? don't fuck my brain
  • Pendulum!
  • I would be very greatful if anyone could point me to something similiar in style to Hadouken! Thanks in advance guys. :)
  • Does It Offend You, Yeah?! [2]
  • ееееееееееееее!
  • Yeah look at all these rebels
  • come on, creative people!
  • nothing special
  • Does It Offend You, Yeah?!


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