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  • can we not plz
  • this new layout sucks
  • staff can suck a huge greasy dick.
  • Yeah this new layout sucks all kinds of dick. How is making the most used and popular features less visible and accessible good design? Whoever signed off on this mess is a clueless loon.
  • Exactly how and when Myspace went to shit.
  • It's become akin to a cyber concentration camp in here, with no groups or methods to communicate with others, which is what made this site so great. Everything that shouldn't be missing - is. Why bother releasing a 'beta' when you're not willing to at least update it? They should have at least offered the option to switch over to the old version while they perfected the new. Common sense Admins.
  • Horrible. It stains my eyes, this new 'beta' layout. Admins are the worst, as they never listen to the communities needs - needs that are preeminent to their 'needs' to be lazy. If is made for & supported by the community, then it would make sense to cater to the community that perpetuates this service. Admins need to wake up & actually give a damn...
  • yeah shit sucks dick
  • The new layout is simply horrible! Please change it back!!!

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