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  • Avatar för versionfiv
    doesnt get more homosexual than this.
  • Avatar för intrusives
    death in june needs to fucking tour
  • Avatar för eshrey
    more folk more
  • Avatar för ultrafuchs
    Thanks for Follow the Martial-Neofolk Playlist (Group) https://open.spotify.com/user/1178094219/playlist/5tDUnGlvsj7ZrzDL542LBC
  • Avatar för noisefiend
    Boyd Rice makes people butthurt which is good.
  • Avatar för Panzerforst
    DARKFOLK / NEOFOLK / NEOCLASSICAL from Germany http://www.lastfm.de/music/Leidholz
  • Avatar för RussellChap
    i prefer teh old skool folk
  • Avatar för Hari_Maia
  • Avatar för vaguelyhumanoid
    "neo-nazi folk" umm David Tibet is against Nazism and Rome are explicitly anarchist and antifascist (fuck Boyd Rice tho)
  • Avatar för whiskeyhammer95
    Ulver? Really?
  • Avatar för xskramx
    wow eternal rust amazing! check out my project http://fenrir1.bandcamp.com/
  • Avatar för KrummyKrow
    Wow, seeing nazi or hipster being tossed around here as insults. Too bad these tards don't do their homework!
  • Avatar för Eternal_Rust
    www.eternalrust.bandcamp.com >>Neofolk
  • Avatar för Doriol
    neo-nazi folk
  • Avatar för ironmonkey77
    Give this a try: http://www.last.fm/music/Tonttu
  • Avatar för lost_funster
  • Avatar för Imperial-Troll
    Check out my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/neovolk
  • Avatar för Elicoor13
    This shoutbox...so much idiocy.
  • Avatar för valkyriewarrior
    Like my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/naturalmusichail
  • Avatar för deadacidgoblin
    www.gmork.bandcamp.com "The romantic youth of jesus" tapes LTD to 50 on pre sale now.
  • Avatar för margenal
    Я лабаю неофолк !!!
  • Avatar för PanOvce
    Some artists might be, neofolk as a whole is definitely not.
  • Avatar för autumnwinds
    why neofolk is associated with nazi movements?
  • Avatar för Iheartokiohotel
    Sure is black and white in here. [2]
  • Avatar för Nakkinak
    oh my god this genre is so fucking moronic
  • Avatar för SkylineFugitive
    Sure is black and white in here.
  • Avatar för EtherealDude
    ˇ this one hits the top of the most retarded shouts. <3
  • Avatar för hellosalty
    Wondeful music for tiny Nazis.
  • Avatar för SuperGigolo
    See, I consider neofolk to be artists like Tenhi, October Falls, Empyrium, etc. in which case is definitely not hipster crap. The post-industrial stuff that this tag is associated with, I don't know and don't care.
  • Avatar för L_E_D_Zep
    jimmies status: not rustled [_] rustled [X]
  • Avatar för L_E_D_Zep
    neofolk - folk music made on a computer by a bunch of well-off aged 30-somethings who try to pass themselves off as being depressed
  • Avatar för Gusbreslauer
    The top artists are all great.
  • Avatar för aHeadOnTheDoor
    Yeah. Sometimes I forget that it's just a packaged image for third-rate idiots.
  • Avatar för SmilelimS
    Hah, he thinks apocalyptic folk is an actual thing.
  • Avatar för wisbech
    @aHeadOnTheDoor Well there are plenty of good "neofolk" artists but I find the result of categorising every single musical act with the remotest associations to neofolk as such is that it does sort of turn out as you describe, yes.
  • Avatar för wisbech
    one of the sluttiest tags around!
  • Avatar för black_seraphim
    Poets to Their Beloved will be publishing a new Album. The first song can be heared at http://www.poetstotheirbeloved.com/music/ Check ist out.
  • Avatar för buranaC
  • Avatar för aHeadOnTheDoor
    This pseudo-genre is nothing but a foul and pestilent congregation of pretentious shit. Even black metal is more reputable and tolerable than this pompous waste and its sister, apocalyptic folk.
  • Avatar för buranaC
    A new self-released, high audio quality neofolk/martial recording: [url=http://soundcloud.com/72forms/sets/traitre/]Qui est le Traître?[/url] Recommended try-out tracks: The Present, The Sun.
  • Avatar för valkyriewarrior
    Join in my group on facebook "Natural music": https://www.facebook.com/groups/344482792231619/
  • Avatar för black_gaze
    all main pics are monochromatic. :D
  • Avatar för deadXtree
  • Avatar för Arthurcobhc
    also October Falls
  • Avatar för Lilleboll
    Goth Light ??
  • Avatar för DosTsiembo
    Nazi folk
  • Avatar för mcc1200
    Tenhi is unremarkable.
  • Avatar för IDREGI
    Tenhi > Neofolk [4]
  • Avatar för mcc1200
    hipster garbage
  • Avatar för Revenant42
    Tenhi > Neofolk [3] The worst thing about neofolk are the awkward industrial influences, bollocks to spoken word vocals


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