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  • Jungbluth kick ass though for new modern acts, I guess Nux Vomica is ok.
  • "bourgeois fascist pig" <--- lol, cute Dicks reference. the fact that it's trendy isn't really the problem, it's the fact that the trend happens to have resulted in so much loathsomely generic, interchangeable modern "crust" music that's problematic (which is pretty much the case with any trend, so yeah, trends = bad).
  • Check out Displague from Barcelona, Spain. Don't know if they're still playing but they're pretty cool and have an intense live show.
  • no
  • is this genre dead now? lol
  • but only a bourgeois fascist pig would care about what's hip and what's not `_` i wonder if you'll ever start to live your own life
  • trendy ≠ bad [2] regardless it's been around since the_raytownian has been in diapers lol and it's just really fucking awesome
  • trendy ≠ bad

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