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  • [artist]Elend[/artist], [artist]Ashram[/artist], [artist]Ophelia's Dream[/artist], [artist]Arcana[/artist] and [artist]Dark Sanctuary[/artist], are [tag]neoclassical darkwave[/tag]; [artist]Triarii[/artist] is [tag]martial industrial[/tag] (which uses [tag]neoclassical darkwave[/tag] music with [tag]industrial[/tag] music and European marches); [artist]Vladimír Hirsch[/artist] and [artist]Ólafur Arnalds[/artist] are [tag]modern classical[/tag] (not to be confused with neoclassical [new age; darkwave] music).
  • [tag]Contemporary classical[/tag] music is actually the "neoclassical" music, this tag is used for "neoclassical darkwave" and "neoclassical new age", lol
  • Kai Engel - Irsen's Tale (LP, 2013)

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