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  • note to self : lastfm://user/hauntingart
  • ¿Why should unemployed poets suffer from insomnia any more than employed poets? Also, I suffer from insomnia! Maybe if I put my Jònsi & Alex Riceboy Sleeps on CD, then I could remedy that problem. Other people seem to think so, and I actually know someone personally who sleeps to it every night and swears by it.
  • I guess I "suffer" from insomnia too.
  • Claiming that artists frequently experience insomnia does not in any way imply that other groups of people do not. If I said "As a gardener, I often get sunburned", would you take that to mean that, say, lifeguards, don't also have this problem? Not a terribly logical leap, there. For the record, I'm also a painter, and I haven't slept in over 48 hours. O_O
  • why should painters suffer from insomnia any more than call centre workers, postpeople, bus drivers, prime ministers, radio presenters, thieves, sleep research scientists, unemployed poets, children, dogs, local government officers, policepeople, brain surgeons, computer programmers, shop workers, street sweepers, you, me and the entire human race. You need to get over yourself, might make you a better painter...
  • This tag really works! As a painter, I often suffer from insomnia. (p.s. This tag also has some tres bien tunes too.)
  • Adding sleep tags is a great idea. Everybody has those nights when your brain just can't shut off, but listening to soft soothing music for a few minutes can be a great help. I wish there was a way to add this to my library.
  • I love this tag, I just started listening to it at 10PM and I'm at my computer almost asleep :) If only there was a way to temporarily put this tagged playlist on my ipod so i really could fall asleep to it

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