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  • Most Ironic tag [3]
  • I've written a journal about the most mistagged artists here: [url],000[/url]
  • Most Ironic tag [2]
  • I find this ridiculous.
  • @Adrian1265 It's even funnier how irrelevant that is. The words 'opinion' and 'subjective' are lost on you.
  • wamp wamp
  • Are Coldhead and Radioplay "mistagged" because they should never have been tagged at all, i.e. you shouldn't be listening to that overrated drek in the first place?
  • It's funny how the first two bands are two of the most overrated bands on earth [2]
  • So perfect that the 'mistagged' tag has exactly the bands as all the other tags.....
  • Most ironic tag.

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