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Metalcore är en blandgenre som blandar in element från metal samt influenser från hardcore-musik. Genrens namn är ett teleskopord av hardcore punk och heavy metal.

Vanligt inom metalcore och dess relaterade genrer (såsom hardcore och deathcore) är så kallade breakdowns, vilket är då takten saktas in till mycket långsam och ger mer utrymme för tuffare gitarrytm med jämna trumslag, en tung och oftast den…

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  • fxdxhxl never said it didn't come from the same place, I was saying they is a considerable difference (It's hair splitting but there is a difference).
  • I dont have a problem with Metallic Hardcore being lumped in with Metalcore but saying that Metalcore is another word for Metallic Hardcore is pushing it
  • Totally agreed with ignitreaxiom and totally disagreeed with JamuraiSack about the metallic hardcore. It's different, but it came from the same place, while some tried to experimenting with the equal blend of metal and hardcore and some stayed because they did -they do, belong under the metallic hardcore genre. Isn't that what the description tried to say? Keep yourself calm, dude.
  • The metalcore label is a catch-all for any band that is not progressive, or death. Sure there are still genuine metalcore bands, but it's such a misused tag because people fail to accept that metal as it was once known, has evolved in the past 20 years. Just because it's heavy, rhythmic and doesn't sound like the classics, doesn't mean it's metalcore. /rant
  • really needs to start fixing their genres. metalcore and metallic hardcore are not the same thing, as i lay dying=metalcore, the ghost inside=metallic hardcore, and if you think those two bands sound the same then just don't involve yourself in the discussion (or listen to more music). futhermore all the top bands for metalcore are the same as the ones for melodic metalcore, and those two genres aren't the same either. and post-hardcore is completely out to lunch, 80% of those bands are either melodic metalcore or emo.
  • They are two different things. Metallic HC being hardcore punk with some metal thrown in but it's sparing and used in small increments (Blacklisted, Backtrack, Judge). While metalcore is a even blend of metal and hardcore (Earth Crisis, Disembodied, Starkweather).
  • "Metalcore and metallic hardcore are two different things." - No, they are not. Unless you think melodic metalcore and metalcore are the same thing.
  • if you haven't yet, I recommend trying out Bring Me the Horizon's new music, I dig it!
  • Melodic hardcore Lima-Perú
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