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  • Melodico hardcore Lima - Perú:
  • rise against is more melodic punk than melodic hardcore.
  • Rise Against? lol
  • Free EP (FFO: Being as an Ocean, Pianos Become The Teeth, Defeater)
  • melancholic/hardcore/punk/emotional/melodic/screamo . l e a v e s : > > > > > > > > >
  • Where's Dag Nasty?
  • Any good stuff like old Rise Against, and Strike Anywhere's Exit English?
  • progressive melodic hardcore from Melbourne, AUS
  • We are SPPPACE a Garage band from Salamanca, Spain!
  • Hey guys and girls, my band Expectations just released a new album and you can stream it here: You can also check out the first video for a song of the album Catch us on our European tour with our best mates eaglehaslanded: Thank you for your time! :)
  • Hey guys, check out a band I manage called Outlier. They're a melodic hardcore band from San Jose, CA in the vein of Counterparts & To The Wind. You can download their EP Seasons for free at: Follow them @
  • Post-hardcore revival//melodic hardcore from sweden FFO: La Dispute, Frameworks, MewithoutYou
  • tfw still havent listened to Have Heart and Modern Life Is War
  • Hey guys, we've released a 6 track EP check it out here -
  • Have Heart? Gorilla Biscuits? Modern Life is War? Give Up the Ghost? wtf, bros?
  • A new release for TOPSY TURVY'S (Pop Punk - France) Split 7'' w/ Johk: Check it on bandcamp :
  • I dont see Have Heart! i dont see With Honor!! D:
  • I like newer Rise Against, but the early stuff can easily be called melodic hardcore.
  • New Favourite Genre <evilrotfl>
  • v Before they went shitty alt rock, melodic hardcore was a pretty good description of them
  • Rise Against? WTF ?
  • my band. DONE & DONE. free ep 2013 cheers
  • The Pidors
  • Hey there! I do vocals in a Melodic Hardcore Band called [url=]World & Dreams[/url]. We released a [url=]free download ep[/url] and also a [url=]Lyric Video[/url]. Give us a like and download the EP!! :)
  • Melodic hardcore are bands like Bad Religion, Ignite, Pennywise, Rise Against, NOFX, etc., bands like The Ghost Inside and For the Fallen Dreams are Metallic Hardcore / Metalcore with melodic influences from bands like Misery Signals and Shai Hulud why are cataloged melodic Hardcore, bands like Defeater, Verse, Have Heart are Modern Hardcore Punk.
  • I love Rise Against!
  • wait, you can play too much Tony Hawks?
  • @Khsonicdude23 Wow, dat shitty attitude and dat username. So what's Puberty up to nowadays? Say hi to him for me.
  • ;~; u just dun understand my feelings
  • We just got insulted by a sonic furry that plays Kingdom Hearts. Damn.
  • Wheres bad religion?
  • Canadian melodic skate punk since 1992 Everyone the time has come to invade the digital world . Slush is proud to announce our new compilation album entitled 50 PLUS with of all of our songs from the last 6 albums ( including our newest s/t album ) is available on 1 download . You can purchase it a few ways 1. from itunes for $11.99 that's .23 cents a song ( What a deal ) or download each song individually for .99 cents each Please spread the word of the new compilation album . 50 PLUS with all your favourite slush songs on 1 download for $11.99 . Including full albums for 1997 - " lifes pretty easy when your fat and greasy " , 1999 - " Call the Neighbours the Boyz Got Jobs " , 2002 - Global Incineration " , 2005 - " Buried Inside " , 2008 - " That's What She Said " , 2012 - " S/T " spread the word and the link
  • God I hate rise against
  • well, check out my band! progressive/melodic stuff!
  • Hey There!This is our bandcamp! we are coming back very very soon with a new song, so download our old stuff and help us out with the upcoming recordings! If u like our music like us on facebook We love u all!
  • shit
  • serious contender for the most terrible genre of all times
  • Best Genre Ever
  • Read my review of Climates - What Means The Most
  • NOFX, Millencolin, No Use For A Name, Pennywise, Bad Religion. Great stuff :)
  • check out my band and download our new EP for free!!!! :)
  • Polish Hardcore Punk comp
  • I love Troubled Coast can anyone tell me some more bands that have the same influences?
  • Pulley.
  • I don't get what melodic hardcore is. It's random.


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